Max Payne 3 NYM HardCore mode requires 1 sitting

Max Payne 3 requires you to complete the game in 1 sitting !
To be able to earn a specific Trophy/Achievement.

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acemonkey2313d ago

i hate trophies like that....a decent length game and its hard so lol

xPhearR3dx2313d ago

The worst part. If you die, you restart from the beginning of the game. Imagine getting to the last level and dying by a random grenade just to restart from Chapter 1. F that.

JakemanPS319942313d ago

well people say games aren't hard this gen....Rockstar listend:P

xPhearR3dx2313d ago

Well, the game itself can be quite challenging, especially on harder difficulties. This however, is a nuisance.

acemonkey2313d ago

yeah i dislike the trophy just b.c if you shut the system off you start over...ill get pissed off by dying something i have control over(sometimes) but if your system freezes or the power goes off at your house...start all the way over
@jake who said games isnt hard this gen?

Outsider-G2313d ago

There are a few who completed it. One finished it in 4 hours. He said it's more like medium difficulty. I guess the term "hardcore" means the one sitting.

FinaLXiii2313d ago

That´s the point being an hardcore mode

Ken222313d ago

I would not be able to do this :o.

Son_Lee2313d ago

If HAKOOM thinks it's impossible, what chance do us mortals have?!

Dark_Overlord2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

You mean the collective bunch of gamers known as Hakoom

Statix2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Why don’t you just accept the fact that there are going to be some trophies/achievements that you simply aren’t good enough to complete? Instead of whining about how hard it is. Maybe some trophies are meant to separate the men from the boys, and only the truly elite, skilled players are able to obtain them. What’s the satisfaction in getting a certain trophy if it’s easy and/or possible for any person to get? Not every trophy is going to be a cakewalk or hand-holding for trophy whores to pad their stats.

I’m sure someone, somewhere out there is able to get this trophy or already got this trophy. It’s not as though it’s impossible.

ShaunCameron2313d ago

Exactly. I just get whatever I can get and move on.

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The story is too old to be commented.