How to Make a Metroid/StarFox Crossover Work

Carl B of writes, "The craziest rumor leading up to this year's Electronics Entertainment Expo was revealed on Saturday: a Metroid and StarFox crossover title, developed by none other than Retro Studios. The idea sounds pretty insane, but it's possible given the recent rumors of Retro working on a Metroid title or a StarFox title, and that whatever game they are working on will be massive in scope. There's so much room for error with this type of crossover; however, it is possible to make an amazing title."

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Snookies122315d ago

Yeah, this is the one of the dumbest rumors I've ever heard. THIS WOULD NOT WORK, they're way too different. I love love love both Starfox and Metroid. While I prefer the earlier Starfox games back on SNES and N64, Metroid has been enjoyable in just about every iteration. I think BOTH series need to be on Wii U, but NOT together.

jacksonmichael2315d ago

My god, the disagrees are insane today. I totally agree with both of you.

Snookies122315d ago

@jacksonmichael - Yeah, I don't get that lol. Who would think this is a good idea? I mean, wouldn't fans of either franchise rather just have a new installment in either series instead of this?

Taibo2314d ago

Same, I dont understand why people wanna see this happen. why have one game, when you can have two?
Two very different titles..
Limiting that just doesnt make sense.

Devinchi332314d ago

I'm not gonna disagree that this sounds strange at first, but then you gotta remember crazier crossovers exist. Just look at Kingdom Hearts. You play as some kid teamed up with Donald Duck and Goofy to fight the evil forces of the Heartless from spreading darkness across various Disney worlds, from Little Mermaid, to Nightmare before Christmas, to Tarzan, to Pinocchio. They touch upon some pretty deep and dark plot points that I'd never expect a Disney character to be a part of, nor would I ever believe I would see Goofy and Cloud in the same game, but it happened and was wildly successful.

Remember that this is still a rumor and should be taken as seriously as every other rumor, but if anyone can pull it off, Retro certainly could.

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Lord_Sloth2315d ago

I'm only gonna say this once: I won't get it.

will_c_752315d ago

Sounds like nintendo repaying sony for copying SSB with their own space and ground battle game, StarFawx

Yodagamer2315d ago

Um nintendo did that type of gameplay with star fox assault.

dark-hollow2314d ago

They are better than that..

dmixwell2314d ago

the only way this would work is if slippy gets f*ckin mauled by a metroid opening scene . then i could take the game seriously

Gen0ne2314d ago

The real way to make this work is to simply not make it. Seriously, don't do it.

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