Stainless Talk on Reddit about Carmageddon Reincarnation

Neil (Nobby) Barnden and other team members from Stainless were on Reddit tonight answering fans questions regarding the new Carmageddon Reincarnation game, PolyPwn were also there asking some questions.

A lot of questions were asked and a lot of questions got answers.
PolyPwn captured all of the responses.

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wallis2249d ago

Pledged. Freakin' sweet - these guys are great devs to have on the British side of things because they actually nail our sense of humour. Dark, sarcastic and occasionally silly - it's great. But beyond that they're amazing devs all round, they got screwed by the publishers and it's left them developing card games since. I'm really glad to be helping these guys out and I hope they get to go multiplatform because if we can get kickstarter going for major console releases it'll really boom in popularity.

Mintydog2249d ago

Couldnt agree more, I laugh like a drain every time I play the Carmageddon games. It's awesome that you pledged too, thanks.

Yeah one of the main reasons for doing kickstarter is so that they don't have to go to publishers for money, that way they won't get screwed over and have 100% creative control.

If they smash their target of 400k they will do multiplatform versions.