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Sonic the Hedgehog revs up for a sidescrolling adventure in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II in another attempt to recapture those wonderful days when his games didn’t suck. While last fall’s Sonic Generations took some good strides in helping the spiky rodent reclaim his place among gaming royalty, Episode II feels like a return to the Sonic we got to know during the last 15 years…

…the one that always disappoints us.

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JeffGrubb2248d ago

I tried playing this on my phone, and now I don't have hands because they exploded from the strain.

BubloZX2248d ago

play it on consoles. Its really good

LackTrue4K2248d ago

is it better then 1? i want to get it, i try the demo. BUT ITS TOO DAM SHORT!!! any ways....i see the controls are better. i just want some small feed back. :)
[email protected] on cell phone controls must suck!!

BubloZX2248d ago

It's far better then one. I would ignore the reviewers because so far all of them are basing their opinion on the fact that the physics aren't the same as the sega genesis era. THe controls and physics are solid and this is a great modern sonic game. And if you own part one you unlock metal sonic which adds 4 more levels of game play