Is E.X. Troopers reusing assets from Mega Man Legends 3?

Capcom has recently announced a Lost Planet Spin off title for the 3DS dubbed E.X. Troopers. Looks pretty cool, right? Well, it seems some gamers around the net felt it looked very similar to another game.

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Godmars2902284d ago

You know, I was ready to laugh - well chuckle - this off, but then both main characters share design characteristics. Like wearing goggles.

jacksonmichael2284d ago

Just another slap in the face, I guess.

Lord_Sloth2284d ago

What is this!? I don't even...

Lost Planet turns into an FPS Mech title on 1 system and a noob friendly 3DS shooter with full on auto lock...

*scratches head*

This is beyond baffling....

r212284d ago

why dont they just make MML3 instead of this ex troopers thing. anyone agree?

Godmars2902284d ago

You're talking about a company that at this points kicks you in the balls and spits on you while you're on the ground.

Then expect money like you owe it to them.

r212284d ago

hmm, you know what, never mind.....

ElasticLove2283d ago

The art style looks interesting (reminds me of Eureka 7), but its Capcom so I'll have to pass on this game until further notice