Pach-Attack! - Why All The GameStop Hate?

What will happen if next-gen consoles don't support used games? Will more minority protagonists make their way to our games? Plus, why all the GameStop hate?

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WeskerChildReborned2253d ago

Yea, i don't think next gen consoles are gonna block used games either because if they pay attention to their consumers, they would know alot of people don't wan't this to happen whatsoever.

I like the idea of games having more minority protagonists or antagonists cause not everyone has to be the same color even though it doesn't really matter but in a way, it make's it realistic cause not every good guy is gonna be white or not every bad guy is gonna be white.

I don't know why people hate Gamestop either. I've heard people saying that Gamestop rips you off when you trade a game in but if i get 40 dollars for a new game that barely came out, i'm happy with that cause they can't give you the used game sale price due to them having to make profit as well.

Baka-akaB2253d ago

There are better deals imo elsewhere , but that wouldnt even warrant my disdain for them .

it would be a lot of their shady doings , but most of all those ludicrous store pre order exclusive , or dlc exclusives .

So not only are you already succumbing to a sh*tty dlc trend , but you have to be forced to choose a particular store to purchase it ? Screw that

KMCROC542253d ago

trust me they rip u off, i bought Max Payne 3 day one , trade value was 25.00 dollars on the same day of release.

KMCROC542252d ago

@vega275 that the thing you would expect all gamestops to be given back the same amount across all stores seeing as how they are all corporate owned.unless they have gone the franchise route don't understand why the variation in trade value .

vega2752253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

I agree. But the only thing I dislike about gamestop is they try to sell you a Newly released game opened at full price. Then act like they only do it cause they are worried about people stealing the game. I tell them everytime "if the seal is broken, it's no longer new and the game is used." other than that I have no problems with them.

I think people just expect to get full price for a trade in. When no business give you one. Yeah they have to make a profit so they resell it for more than you were given for the trade in. But again every business does that. Buy a car or jewery or whatever then turn around and resell it to the dealer you bought it from and see if you get back what you paid.

KMCROC542253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

Was not expecting full price but something a tad better than 25.00 for a game i just paid $64.19 on release day. after that day i now allow myself something better than game-stop 1) keep it 2)find somewhere else 3)destroy it.

vega2752253d ago

I bought games from gamestop and gotten back much more for a newly released game. I don't know if it's that store you went to or what. But I've never had a problem with a trade in. I remember buy KZ2 new and three days later returned it and got credited for $40, which went on my purchase of a new game. Again I didn't expect full price or my money back. But now that best buy takes trade in I expect GameStop to give better deals.

kreate2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Gamestop is good when there are exploits in their system.

On a average day, u wont be getting 40 dollar for a newly released game u just traded in.

The problem with gamestop is they have a consistency issue. One gamestop will let u use a coupon on top of a promotion while the other gamestop wouldnt.

And many gamestop employees are xbox fanboys. I saw numerous times a customer walked in asking for a ps3 but the employee pursuading the customer to pick up a 360.

The customer walked in with the intention of buying a ps3 but walked out with a 360.

They also have communication issue.
When there is a gamestop sale, i gotta print out the sale/promotion paper and take it with me cuz gamestop employees doesnt know what kind of promotions their stores are doing.

Than when u finally convince them about the sale, they dont know how to ring it up on the register.

Ive emailed the corporate about this before and wrote nasty feedbacks from the code from their receipts and at the end of the day, gamestop is just retarded and ask ppl to hate them.

Cag craig goozex amazon ebay are my friends. And retailers
wonder why they're not doing well .....

And for a company who makes good money, they got 1 of the worst refund policies ever.

Uncharted2Vet2253d ago

i like GameStop, i don't see the problem with them besides a couple of nitpicks i have

MySwordIsHeavenly2253d ago

I worked for GameStop for three and a half years. What is there to LIKE about GameStop?!? I work at a much better used game store now. They give you more cash for stuff and sell them at cheaper prices. We even buff every single disc that comes in. We're making bank, too! GameStop is making significantly more money than it needs to.

KwietStorm2253d ago

I could write a term paper on why I hate gamestop

NeoTribe2253d ago

People hate gamestop because its one of the cool things to hate on. Kinda like cod. People hear someone hating on somethin and they wanna be a part of it without even knowing wut the hell there hating on. Gamestop buys and sells new and used games. You don't want to trade your games in there than don't.

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