Rumor: OXM: Xbox 720 Launching in 2014 with Halo 2 Anniversary

Loud Mouthed Gamers: "Well the Official Xbox Magazine (July 2012) has started circulating it’s rumor mill yet again."

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aviator1892250d ago

If they do re-make Halo 2, they should definitely re-make that E3 tech demo level Bungie showed off but never really made it into the final version. It had such a kick-ass cutscene and some great fire fights.

TekoIie2250d ago

I agree and while Halo 2 was awesome I hope MS have something else (if this is true). I dont think we can rely on a Halo 2 remake to shift consoles even though Halo is an absolute juggernaught.

Spydiggity2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

If, instead of a launch title you had to buy separate, it was actually included with the console, then i think it would be enough to really help boost launch sales. I know i would consider it a massive incentive to be an early adopter.

and early adoption is probably what scares these console makers at this point. They release Halo 4 on 360 and they already have how many million units in people's homes? they release halo 4 with 720, and maybe only 2 or 3 million ppl even own the console.

lordz952245d ago

I doubt itll come out on xbox 720 because ms will most likely do the same with reach where you can get a map pack for halo 4 so yh itll probably come out next year

lordz952245d ago

and hopefully if they do do this then they should let u play 360 games on the 720 and also let you take your profile from 360 to 720

snipes1012250d ago

I remember seeing that and feeling my 13-year-old loins tightening. Yea, Halo 2 would be a great one to remake, especially since the emulation for 360 is so poor. Every tried playing it? Everything ghosts onto the screen.

TheXgamerLive2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

They would re make all Halo's 1 through 4 so they could be played on the best newest advanced hardware w/a more unlimited digital space, they could release 1 - 4 at 1 time and on one media and bring in all new Halo fans. Not just Halo 2 remake.

otherZinc2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )


I totally agree! I hope they make that stage so damn bad!

If they make a Halo 2 Anniversary, I may cry a little! So dog gone Happy!

OmegaSaiyanX2249d ago

Im glad someone remembers that! The final version of Halo 2 was nothing like that E3 footage, Halo 2 was very underwhelming :-(

The weapons and grenades all felt and were weak, the story was not that good either.

IMO Halo 2 does not need a remake, Halo 1 was and still is the best Halo in the series and am eagerly awaiting Halo 4 lets see how that turns out.

lategamer2249d ago

Halo 2 campaign was a disappointment, but the multiplayer is probably the best in the series so far. It had its flaws, suprerjumps, button combos, glitches, lag-switchers and modders. However, the base gameplay and maps were excellent. Best maps in the series so far and the gameplay was smooth and fast. <3 Team Hardcore, Never Forget.

RedDead2249d ago

What was so disappointing about the campaign? Honestly serious question? It's my favorite campaign out of the H1-3

MrMister2249d ago

Lol you Xbox guys. All they have to do is make a bunch of apps and no games, just so long as they give you more non-innovative Halo games (and your obligatory COD games too). Lol.

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BALLARD322250d ago

That would be a dream come true. Keep the multiplayer just like Halo 2 and I'll be happy.

richierich2250d ago

I hope the next Xbox gets released next year and not 2014 I am all for the next generation

tokugawa2250d ago

yep i want next xbox playstation next year also... the money is there for me!!

Persistantthug2250d ago

Because there is no such thing as NEXT GEN software.....not even the best PC games are delivering NEXT GEN software.
Instead, the best AAA budget PC developers are delivering Diablo 3.
We also had WITCHER 2....we had HARD RESET, BLACKLIGHT, STAR WARS: TOR, and soon GUILD WARS 2.

As nice as some of those games are, none of those big budget PC exclusive games is truly NEXT GEN.
Why not?
Because developers aren't ready for true NEXT GEN.

Therefore no point in upgrading at $4, 5, and $600 for marginal & insignificant tech gains.

holiday 2014 at the earliest, and no sooner.

Waddy1012250d ago

You don't seem to understand the concept of generations when it comes to consoles...

Persistantthug2250d ago

NEXT GEN hardware with no true NEXT GEN software is meaningless.

Arnon2250d ago

Pretty sure there's no such thing as Next Gen PC. With that being in mind, what exactly do you consider next gen if NONE of the games coming out on PC are said next gen?

Do you expect Avatar quality? lol...

tee_bag2422250d ago

I'm not sure what you expect from next gen? But it's pretty sad when current gen consoles have to start gimping PC games like BF3 to the point where the maps are customly made with 1/4 of the amount of online players and zero of the eye candy.
Im still happy enough to play many of the console games but they are seriously getting real stale. You say there is no next gen software. Bring out the hardware and the software will follow. Problem is hardware isn't cheap enough to deliver a price effective consoles - in which kind of agree with you.. No single GPU is really quick enough and SLI/Crossfire costs too much. But this has little to do with software.

Spydiggity2249d ago

Watch this video and then tell me a console manufacturer couldn't pick this company up and be ready for the "NEXT GEN" rather quickly

Tyre2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

@Persistantthug 1st comment...Most BS argument i've ever read. HAHAHA

DeadlyFire2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )


Middleware for next-gen? What? I hope to hell it is. If not I will be disappointed.

While I do agree there are not many games that push next-gen quality right now. None of the games you mentioned have ever tried to push Next-Gen quality. One is a RPG with tons of characters and models. For its quality its pretty damn good, but its not made to be perfect representation of next gen. MMOs are never mean't to push graphics envelope beyond reason. They are meant to be massive with very many players. Doing so would not allow for as many players to play them.

There are some games being developed from ground up on DirectX11 Software! Yes I said software. Because an API is typically software more than hardware, but they work together.

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Summons752250d ago

2014 sounds fair but I doubt with Halo 2 Ani...I think Halo 2 Ani will be next year

BALLARD322249d ago

If they make a Halo 2 Anniversary, it will release in 2014 because it came out in 2004.

Summons752249d ago

yeah but with the pattern they stick with the pattern they have been doing since Halo 3, Halo 2 would be next year and each Halo gets a 3 year dev time

OmniSlashPT2250d ago

An HD remake as a launch title? okaaay