Rockstar Games to Make E3 2012 Splash Despite Formal Absence

"Despite the recent launch of Max Payne 3 and upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games, developer and publisher of the GTA franchise and Agent, an upcoming PS3 exclusive announced June of 2009 during the Sony press conference at E3, Rockstar Games will not have a formal presence at E3 this year. While the reasoning behind this decision remains unknown up to this point, do not let this fool you into believing Rockstar Games will not have any presence at all."

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Christopher2251d ago

Not having a formal conference or booth doesn't mean they won't appear on someone's stage at some point.

MariaHelFutura2252d ago

Maybe in the form of a tattoo on a middle aged business man.....


hey now, this video clearly shows that Eminem is guaranteed that Rockstar will somehow show something on someones conferance

BattleAxe2252d ago Show
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Patriots_Pride2252d ago

If someone mentions AGENT in here I will shoot them.

guitarded772252d ago

You just mentioned AGENT... are you gonna shoot yourself?

Pintheshadows2252d ago

Yeah! No one mention Agent in a R* related article because it has nothing to do with them right? -_-

I feel Pachters premonition/prediction/blatant guesswork of a GTA5 trailer just before E3 would be interesting if it comes true. Doing that the day before sure would cause a fuss.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2252d ago

I feel Agent is coming out in december.

And i only say that because pachter said it. normally i'd pay him no attention, but he was asked wat ps3 game he was most looking forward to seeing at e3 and he smirked and said agent. he said it more as a prediction, but he does meet with the big 3 to discuss e3 showings beforehand, so he does already know most of wat they'll show. He said he believes agent will be shown on Sony's stage and released this year.

I think he knows something.

jsslifelike2252d ago

I learned my lesson on Rockstar games... They're just not for me.

GraveLord2252d ago

Yeah. Their games are a little bit overrated.
GTA IV is in no way a 10/10. IMO it was a huge setback from San Andreas. They went for realism instead of fun.

TheHomerPimpson2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Interesting perspective. I've literally never heard someone dog on Rockstar for going towards realism instead of "fun" in GTA IV.

Totally agree GTA IV was a HUGE setback from San Andreas, truly was a disgrace to video games.


NBT912252d ago

Wow you are so right GTAIV wasn't bad it was just the worst game in the series, can't even remember anything of it other than the characters whereas I remember all of the ps2 games.

Also I remember them saying they would look into the possibility of revisiting the bully (Canis Canem Edit) series after work on Max Payne 3 is finished... Could be that... Whatever the case, Bully 2 needs to be a thing that exists at some point in my lifetime!

extermin8or2251d ago

Hmmm I loved RDR max payne 3 looks good but i cba to get it :p GTA4 is ok but as my 1st proper gta I'd have played I'm not the biggest fan of it, the shooting mechanics are horrible :S if GTA5's are a cross between that and RDR then it'll be ok :p personally I'd more games from R* that aren't gta as I really don't think the GTA games are all that good...

Drabent2251d ago

Remeber it was there first ps3 game....or 2nd?

Ser2251d ago

Agreed. My favorite GTAs are still Vice City and San Andreas. Rockstar absolutely lost me at GTA IV. I loathed that game.

...But then along came RDR, and all was well.

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Trenta272252d ago

I can't believe it's almost here. I'm so pumped for it.

2252d ago
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