New Medal of Honor: Warfighter World TV Premier Trailer

MP1st - Danger Close and EA go live with another Medal of Honor: Warfighter gameplay trailer aired during half-time at the UEFA Champions League Final.

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Pandamobile2283d ago

Those graphics are pretty amazing. The detail on the faces especially.

Mister_V2283d ago

The motion capture looks pretty slick.

MGRogue20172283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

It all feels so gloomy.. Hopefully there's some brightly lit maps in the online multiplayer part of the game. =/

Hufandpuf2283d ago

I'm hoping sunshine and rainbows pop out of dead characters too.

DeadlyFire2282d ago

Of course. :P Ya know its not all about the nightlife! The sun will exist in the game.

MidnytRain2282d ago

It's probably supposed to be gloomy.

Hufandpuf2283d ago

Mother's voice sounds like Tom Cruise

sriki0072283d ago

most parts were frm the previous trailers!!!!

TekoIie2283d ago

They were just shown from a different angle. Although this did give a much better insight at how the games scenes "play out".

BattleAxe2283d ago

This is giving me an extreme case of deja vu..

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The story is too old to be commented.