'The Truth Is, It Doesn't Work' - CD Projekt On DRM

Forbes:CD Projekt have had their own issues with piracy – according to their estimates, 4.5 million copies of their latest game have been circulated. Having abandoned DRM as a means of preventing piracy, they experimented briefly with the RIAA approach of sending letters to suspected pirates, but abandoned the strategy after a public backlash, despite maintaining that they could accurately identify pirated copies, and thus no legitimate player was being contacted.

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NYC_Gamer2253d ago

DRM is a waste of time because it doesn't stop piracy

Patriots_Pride2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

I agree, but there needs to be something that makes it so that not just anyone can pirate your game. I know DRM is usually cracked within 24h of the crackers getting their hands on the game. Which usually means that there is a cracked version available days before launch so DRM is pointless.

Ducky2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

The article is kind of making an interesting point.
The copy with DRM gets cracked, and it's that version which got pirated/shared first... even though there was a DRM-free version.

The real problem with DRM is that in a lot of cases, the pirated version is easier to install/run than the legit version... so while it might prevent some people from pirating the game easily, it also prevents legit buyers from enjoying their rightly bought game.
(A good example is when Ubisoft was making changes to their servers, pirated versions of their games worked fine, but legit buyers were locked out of their games)

Not all DRM is bad though. Steam is DRM, yet it is mostly loved, particularly because it tries to offer a smooth experience.

Somebody2253d ago

I agree that DRM is a waste of time. It is also more troublesome for legit users than it really should. I hated the fact that I've used up half of my instal limit for DCS A-10C simulation.

But when a DRM does work, an extremely rare event, it produce hilarious results.Prime example: Serious Sam BFE's immortal, Gatling-totting, pirate-eating pink scorpion. Another would be Arma 2's unique degradation of gameplay and graphic. Both game lured the pirates into a false sense of security only to screw them back later for pirating. Should these be considered DRM or just the developers getting back at pirates?

Still, DRM is a bad idea, especially horrible, restrictive ones.

b_one2252d ago

Witcher 2 has same mechanisms

reznik_zerosum2253d ago

still no crack for diablo :D

GamingPerson2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

Piracy is a waste of time because it doesn't stop DRM
DRM sucks though. Drm doesn't stop piracy and No Drm doesn't stop piracy.

SeekDev2252d ago

One reason that developers put DRM in their games is because the publishers are pressured by the investors, the people solely looking to make money from the game, and don't care about the integrity of the industry.

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come_at_me_bro2253d ago

At least someone in the industry gets it.

ninjahunter2253d ago

I agree, but there needs to be something that makes it so that not just anyone can pirate your game. I mean, if there were no DRM at all, joe schmos grandma down the street could just download and play. Just a thought.

Voxelman2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

joe schmos grandma could download any game with DRM right now, DRM is usually cracked within 24h of the crackers getting their hands on the game. Which usually means that there is a cracked version available days before launch.

Baka-akaB2253d ago

joe schmos grandma down the street already can , it's easier than running the bought copy . It's all smoke and mirrors for the big wigs and investors

dark-hollow2253d ago

do whatever you like to combat piracy AS LONG as the rightful consumers dont get punished with stupid crap like only online for single player games and stupid annoying DRM.

jamesensor2253d ago

...and maibe these pirates don't have the money anyway to purchase 60 euro games? Not all of them, but some? And a small percentage that likes to experience first-hand how the game behaves and feels?

Baka-akaB2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

how is that anyone's problem that they can't afford it ? Should we steal ferraris too ?

Now trial i can understand , especially when sneaky publishers refuses to put demos out there . But at some point , like beyond ten hours , you know you should be purchasing it already or erasing it , if that's the reason you stand by .

jamesensor2253d ago

It's nobody's problem. What I meant is that from these people that are broke there's no money to be made. It's like having spare leftovers and not leaving it for the poor (and they don't steal it, they copy it). This isn't a matter of life and death, of course, but in that scenario case they can't win money on it. Even if DRM was unbeatable, people that don't have money wouldn't buy it (I know I wouldn't, and life would still carry on).
About demos, I've seen some interesting demos that put much of the best and leave the worst hidden. They can be pretty much hyped.

DigitalAnalog2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

I find it HARD to believe that people would invest in gaming rigs would not be able to AFFORD well-made graphically-heavy games. This is no different from someone buying a sports car but only to siphon off gas for free.

jamesensor2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

When you find gas for me to download or even a ferrari send me a link, I'd love to try it. Next, about what you say concerning gaming rigs, there's no debate on that and I certainly disapprove such choices.

shadowraiden2253d ago

what a load of shit.
cant afford it dont buy it as if you want to play the game you should pay for it end of.
theres plenty of steam sales etc to get games for really cheap so dont give me the hole i cant afford it excuse as its a poor one.

its not so much you stealing the product its that why should you because you cant afford it be able to play it for free it took time and money to create and so those that trully want to play video games should buy them in order to support the companies to make more.

come back when you have a legit excuse and not one you try to say to make yourself feel better.

Bladesfist2253d ago

He means, publishers often release piracy figures and say "Heres how many copies we did not sell because of piracy" When really loads of people would not have bought it anyway as they find the game not worth the price for the content. A lot of kids find it hard to buy games legitimately on PC because its mainly digital and you can't just hand over cash, you need a card. If you were in this position of actually NOT being able to buy any games, would you give up gaming. Be honest.

revben2253d ago

It is not always about affording it. I live in Jamaica, and the only way I can get a game would be to pirate it or buy it online. I do not have a visa card yet, so buying it online is a no-no. Given that I delete most of the games I pirate, within a three hours, a demo would be a good way to fight piracy. I am not talking about the 30 minutes things they are releasing nowadays. Two-three hours is good.

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