Streets Of Rage And Golden Axe Collections Hit Xbox 360 Next Week

Two of Sega’s classic beat ‘em up series are getting the digital Sega Ages treatment. Sega is bundling the three Genesis Streets of Rage games as Streets of Rage Collection. Golden Axe Collection includes Golden Axe, Golden Axe II, and the Japan-only release Golden Axe III.

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Chrono2011d ago

I find it strange that SEGA keeps re-publishing Street of Rage games a hundred times but they don't want to make a new one.

Ravenor2011d ago

I blame the "New" Golden Axe.

SkullBlade1692011d ago

They should've hired whoever it was who made Streets of Rage Remake instead of shutting it down and use that engine to make a new HD Streets of Rage game like they did with Sonic CD

bahabeast2011d ago

dose ps3 have all the collections? i remember getting streets of rage and golden axe on ps plus but not sure if all games are their

Hicken2011d ago

I dunno about ALL, but I know that at least a few of each are available.

Skate-AK2011d ago

Only one Golden Axe and one Streets of Rage.

deno2011d ago

where's my Saturn collection?

thebudgetgamer2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Save your cash, buy Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. All these games plus Master System games.

RufustheSage2011d ago

Someone already said it but everyone needs to play the Streets of Rage Remake, that is all.

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