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On the face of it, Max Payne 3 is your average third person shooter. Grizzled protagonist. Exotic location. Hoards of never ending bad guys. Cover, pop, shoot gameplay. Sounds a little bit like everything else, right? Wrong! Max Payne’s newest outing is one of the best shooters of this generation. It takes everything that similar titles do, but builds upon them with fantastic new mechanics and a story that puts other titles to shame.

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shammgod2315d ago

Is this game good or not? I feel like rockstar games generally get a 1-2 point boost in review score. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed all rockstar games I have ever played. Get this or wait?

beerkeg2315d ago

'I feel like rockstar games generally get a 1-2 point boost in review score.'

What games would you say that reviewers gave them points more than they should have?

shammgod2315d ago

GTAIV. It was not as good as San Andreas or vice city. And this game. I have heard the MP is broken, how can it get a perfect score. Who cares anyway, reviews are gay

MariaHelFutura2315d ago

You are your best reviewer and you just said you enjoy all other R* games.

tigertron2315d ago

In my opinion its the best game Rockstar have made next to San Andreas. Do yourself a favour and buy this...NOW! like...literally run/drive to the shops and get it.

beerkeg2315d ago

Can't wait until the pc version is out. Just counting the days now.

Pintheshadows2315d ago

Got it today and it's terrible.

That's a lie. It's one of, if not the best 3rd person shooters i've ever played. It matures all the aspects of the old Max Payne games into something miraculous. Cover, amazingly, doesn't interrupt the flow of the game and it's nice to have a game that kicks your arse now and then.

I'm loving how Max is sleeping under the barrel, rather than being merely at the bottom of it, and how Sao Paulo acts as a metaphor for a bright new future that Max is not destined to have.

Neo-noir Hong Kong action masterpiece.

mttrackmaster382315d ago

Accidently gave you a dislike for your first sentence lol.

Pintheshadows2315d ago

Haha, that's ok man. I just 'accidentally' stayed up playing Max Payne until 5:20am.

It just gets better and better. I'm finding shoot dodge works brilliantly as a defensive tool allowing you to get to cover, pop a painkiller, reload and begin shooting again.

I've seen guys playing it like a normal cover TPS on Youtube. I however dive anytime I can.

MorbidPorpoise2315d ago

Hadn't seen/read much about Max Payne 3 apart from the announcement trailer, so did wonder how the story would plan out, as it seemed Max had changed alot.

I'm liking how the story is being told by Max in flashbacks to learn what has happened since Fall of Max Payne.

One thing that made my day was the water effects in the game, they are pretty impressive.