Comcast fires back over Xfinity TV on Xbox 360, says no way, no how it's violating net neutrality

Complaints by Netflix's Reed Hastings and a handful of politicians must have rankled Comcast CTO Tony Werner, as he just posted a particularly detailed explanation of why Comcast believes the Xfinity TV app on the Xbox 360 isn't violating net neutrality. We'd previously heard the argument that the Xfinity app's traffic is simply being routed through Comcast's internal network and isn't the same as the Internet data of Netflix, but Werner now contends that the Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) tags that some think are breaking FCC rules by favoring Xfinity video are really just necessary switches. They're not prioritizing traffic, they're setting it aside, the claim goes. Of course, Hastings and others believe that setting Xfinity video aside is prioritizing, and Comcast's point of view sidesteps the practical reality that watching Netflix, Amazon Instant Video or iTunes will lead you closer to that ever-present 250GB cap while Xfinity doesn't. The FCC during its rulemaking warned against special private services being used as end-runs around neutrality concerns; it's up to the agency to decide whether or not that's true here, or whether Comcast is just offering its usual service in a new way.

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Emilio_Estevez2278d ago

I can't see comcast convincing the FCC of this, definitely unfair to everyone but them.

Patriots_Pride2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Can you blame them for trying. The 360 and PS3 are a big treat to these companies.

Dont be surprise that in 3 years time consoles will be the number one way to watch movies ect.. - which is why I expect the 720 to be 85% PC 15% console.

Edit @ below: What u say?

OccludedGamer2278d ago

or you could bypass the xbox or ps3 and use that thing called a tv that you use to display the image for the console on :s

Trevonn2278d ago

He's talking about Smart tv's which will be the better option in the future.

Patriots_Pride2278d ago

Twisty - Thanks for explaining. Well he does have a point but tbh I dont see this happening with smart TV's for at least 5 years.

I own a Samsung LED smart TV and the tech is not there yet - surfing the web on my TV feels worst than my PS3 browser.

GraveLord2278d ago

I'd love for next-gen consoles to replace my PC.
I wish I could download all my TV/Movies/Music to it and browse the internet from a working web browser. I'd also love for sites like to not deny me access to their site from my console.

OccludedGamer2278d ago

It really depends on what Tv you own though, my father recently bought a new tv and didn't go out of his way to spend a lot of money either. But the BBCiPlayer app works better than the PS3s does.

Realistically there is nothing holding any company back from doing it right now. The real deciding factor in who is the victor though will be who does and who doesn't licence google chrome first.

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ZombieStalker2278d ago

I can understand Netflix's issue. Netflix users are tied to a download cap, but if you use the Xfinity 360 app you aren't. Unfair competition...

Comcast has a limitation that makes Xfinity more attractive since a consumer doesn't have to deal with download caps.

Net neutrality may a$$!

Spydiggity2278d ago

So...what's the complaint? That comcast isn't counting xfinity streaming against your data cap each month? oh, how evil!