Unboxing Sorcery and showing 1st 10 minutes

Here is a video of Sorcery unboxing.
Since The game isnt released yet, Hakoom has uploaded the 1st 10 minutes on his website.

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iXenon2249d ago

I have an early copy of the game also. Lemme tell's not even game of the month material

Berserk2249d ago

trololol. but seriously awful try

Patriots_Pride2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

I have an early copy of the game too and its not game of the year but by no means is it bad either.

Its refreshing take on Move and Sony needs to push more games like this out every month for us Move owners.

But TBH this game is not for everyone and you have to be a person who enjoys games like Fable and Epic Mickey.

Edit: The one thing that I got from this game is that Sony could not decide on who to market this game for - It want to be hardcore but you can see that the developers held back to make it friendly to casuals. I really dont care for this as me and my son have a blast playing it but would have been awesome if this game was as hardcore as God of War and with the precise Move controller that it has.

LOGICWINS2249d ago

I wonder if the three people who disagreed with you have played the game yet. Brew states "Game of the Year", with nothing to back it up, and gets one person to agree with him. iXenon says the game isn't even game of the month material, with nothing to back it up, and gets three disagrees and is called a troll.

Double standards. Why is it easier to accept that Sorcery is a good game as opposed to a bad one? If you haven't played the game yet, you should be neutral on your stance.

Machioto2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

@logic Because people have varing taste,there are people who do not like Mario,God of war,and halo, while his comment may or may not have some truth to it,it's hard to tell in a tutorial so his post make little sense,he has nothing but his word as proof and your defence of him doesn't contribute to why his remark should be taken seriously.

LOGICWINS2249d ago

"he has nothing but his word as proof"

No different than Brew. Why do people ask for an explanation for a negative opinion on Sorcery, but don't ask any questions when a positive opinion on Sorcery pops up? Double standards.

And who exactly was I "defending"? Neither Brew or iXenon provided anything to back up their arguments. The only thing I'm defending is my own argument. Why is the burden of proof on a negative opinion on Sorcery...but not the positive opinion?

tokugawa2249d ago

you know full well how it works on n4g. you could lose bubbles for asking questions like that

iXenon2249d ago

I only say this because I'm having issues with the controls. The story, voice acting, and graphics are great though

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Machioto2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

@logic brew is exaggerating his like for the game and ixenon has nothing because there are no reviews and he didn't post a video proving his point and I haven't read or seen a negative article about sorcery.

LOGICWINS2249d ago you realize how biased as hell your comment is?

"and I haven't read or seen a negative article about sorcery."

So you not reading a negative article about Sorcery means that negative opinions about Sorcery don't exist or aren't valid? WOOOOW. Take a look folks. This is what delusion does to you.

gaden_malak2249d ago

For a guy with the username LogicWins you fail at having any sense of logic.

His point was that ixenon has nothing to prove that Sorcery is bad, there hasn't been anything negative written about it to back his point up.

LOGICWINS2249d ago

Starting off a reply with an insult? I'm shocked that you only have one bubble /s

suicidalblues2249d ago

Regardless the amount of bubbles he has, his point was solid. If you've read nothing to indicate it, why should you believe one person saying it's a turd? Especially when many others (with video proof) say otherwise.

And so who's delusional?

Outside_ofthe_Box2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

lol @ suicidal using ACTUAL common sense.

And LOL @ Logic trying to point out double standards in other people when not too long ago he was going on about how he expects Max Payne 3 to get a perfect score from IGN as well as other sites despite not playing the game yet himself... yet you are the one preaching to other people to be "neutral" in their stance if they haven't played the game yet...

In theory one should be neutral on whether a game coming out is going to be good or not, but in reality no one is. Everyone has expectations on what a game may or may not be like. There is a reason why we anticipate certain games OVER other games as oppose to having the same anticipation for every game that is coming out.

The burden of "proof" is not on the negative opinion as an opinion is not a fact. I can state my opinion without having to back it up, but you could always ask why I have that opinion though. Most people only ask why someone has that particular opinion because they care to know why. And even if someone backs up their negative opinion it still doesn't mean people won't disagree as it is still an OPINION. What one might think is a flaw another may not see it as such.

And of course tokugawa (someone who says "ps3 exclusives aren't anything special") will attempt to back you up lol.

If I may repeat suicidal's question... so who's delusional?

solidjun52248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

"Starting off a reply with an insult? I'm shocked that you only have one bubble "

Ummmm...How is ""For a guy with the username LogicWins you fail at having any sense of logic." an insult?? He's only telling the truth based on your ridiculous comment. You're usually devoid of logic for someone with 4 bubbles you over-bubbled delusion of a commenter. If you anything you and he should switch count.

And also for someone who is calling galan_malak out, you failed to even respond to his response. Not surprising considering your history.

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iXenon2248d ago

I have a review copy. Check back on Monday at 9AM EST to see reviews. I said I have an "early copy" of the game in my comment, I don't see the problem. And it isn't a "bad" game but there is a major flaw that I won't point out here.

suicidalblues2248d ago

so you have no proof, and then say there's a "major flaw" but won't share it? I can't understand why people don't believe you. /s

Wh15ky2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )


Are you saying he has no proof that he has a review copy? Why would you assume that? Perhaps he wants to reserve his full judgement for his review and not give too much away on a comment section.


Who do you review for? Most N4G users that work in the gaming industry have a link to their website on there profile page, perhaps that's why some people are having trouble believing you.
Also, when you come to write your review can you confirm the extent of your experience with the Move controller as people that are new to it take alot longer to adapt.


Seriously! change your name. You know nothing about logic.

smashcrashbash2249d ago

It got a 82 last I checked. How bad could it be? I think I would rather trust reviewers then someone who claims he played the game with no proof or anything. How did you get an advance copy? Who are you? Why is it that people always try to defend some random person that claims he played a game and it's bad? People can lie you know?

Machioto2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

Because logic only likes to here himself,I gave reasons why I think ixenon is bs-ing and he twist my words and gets of the topic at hand he's the best at not hearing a sound discussion.