New Pokemon Announced For DS - First Screens

Pokemania shows no sign of letting up. Today in Japan, Nintendo announced the latest entry in the franchise, Pokemon Ranger Batonnage.

This new entry in the Pokemon Ranger series will bring the exploits of the Pokemon Rangers back to the DS. You once again take control either a female or male Pokemon Ranger and capture Pokemon by drawing circles around them with the stylus. Pokemon that have been caught accompany you on your adventure and can be used to clear obstacles.

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Shigeru Miyamoto3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

to play with my pokemons

LJWooly3990d ago

He got 2 agrees? Whatever...

Tarmgar3990d ago

Hurraaaaay!!! Another one.....

Xanatos3990d ago

Now i feel excited for this game, ive hated every pokemon game after Red/Blue cuz they were all the same. About time they made something different, too many rehashes thats why i dont like Nintendo anymore.

LJWooly3990d ago

I think you'll find that they were all different colours, actually.

LJWooly3990d ago

Holy crap, is Pokemon still not dead yet? For Christ's sake, Nintendo...

bootsielon3990d ago

What a waste of possibilities

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