2K refuses to rule out BioShock on PS3

2K has today refused to rule out the possibility of BioShock coming to the PS3.

Earlier this week the internet exploded when eagle-eyed forum posters noticed that 2K Boston, previously Irrational Games, was advertising for programmers with Unreal Engine 3 and PS3 experience on its website.

Today a spokesperson for 2K Games told that the publisher has "nothing to announce at this time", which isn't exactly a denial, but is no-where near a confirmation either.

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Le-mo3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Unless Microsoft have a contract with 2K to keep the game exclusive I don't see any reason why 2K wouldn't want to make the game multiplatform to make more money.

decapitator3987d ago

They do. they had a timed exclusive contract for the game and it would seem that the due time is almost up.

solidt123987d ago

So in other words 2k is playing the silence game until there exclusive contract is up.

poos33987d ago

ahahaha the ps3fanboys on thsi site enver give up the clearly state there is nothing in th eline of porting it to the ps but the ps3 fanboys are warping it to mean they are not saying no hahahahaha GET IT INTO UR BRAINS THEY AHVE SAID THEY ARE NOT MAKING BIOSHOCK FOR THE PS3 CONSOLE AS THIS REP JUST SAID have you got that into ur brain good bioshock i sbetter than any game coming out for th eps3 in 2008 hands down

Sevir043987d ago

WHAT THE Hell was that horrible and atrocious attempt at formulating a sentence. and who was that retarded teacher you had in elementary school that tried to teach you? that was a debacle of an article. who ever taught you how to write, type and amalgamate a sentence needs to be shot in the head. dude you fire off at the mouth on nonsense way too much, but i guess it cant be helped with the deranged fankids like you on this site.

but i guess your xbox live that you paid 50 bucks a year for just aint working, otherwise you'd be online lagging and lagging. dude get a freaking life and please go back to school and learn how to properly formulate and articulate a sentence, trying to decipher that slab of garbage was just a headache...

oh and just so i dont put myself through such a horrid experience of seeing and trying to read that trash you just spewed(I dont even know why i tried) I'm chaining your none writing ass to my once again ever growing ignore list.

good riddance

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UnblessedSoul3987d ago

Garbage 360 is starting to be overtaken by ps3 since it's a very limited system with lack of decent hardware, with added RROD of course their exclusives will come to the ps3 since they will be done much better because it is more capable of doing so, I feel sorry for the 360 fans buying the system because it was out a year earlier, biggest blunder for those who even brought a HD-dvd add on, microsoft will bring out a new console in 2-3 years and all the blind xbots will buy that because they are stupid douchbags who don't know what superior hardware is

LSDARBY3987d ago

I hope it does come to PS3, but seeing as there advertising for jobs now. It wont come for atleast another year.

Amnesiac3987d ago

who cares Bioshock sucked anyways...

orly? I have to fight a big daddy with no health/weapons again?!?!? COOL!


mighty_douche3987d ago

Sounds to me like YOU sucked, not Bioshock!

CRIMS0N_W0LF3987d ago


Bioshock was good. Atmosphere was good but the gameplay is too repetitive after some time.

Amnesiac3987d ago

Yeah, you're right, I sucked along with 1000's of other people who have said that Bioshock is all graphics and no gameplay.

mighty_douche3987d ago

so i guess the other 1,000,000+ are wrong?

just a difference of opinion i guess.

Amnesiac3987d ago

After all, Bioshock did have A LOT of competition when it came out.

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