Skyrim DLC: Dawnguard, Snow Elves and the Eye of Magnus

OXM writes: "What do Bethesda's leaked files tell us about Dawnguard?"

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YodaCracker2319d ago

I cannot wait to play this on my Xbox 360!!

ddurand12319d ago

hopefully its not as repetitive as Skyrim

Marquis_de_Sade2319d ago

Hopefully it's not as repetitive as your posts.

ddurand12319d ago

the game isnt repetitive?

Go to person A and retrieve item 1. Person A sends you to person B to retreive another item for person A.

rinse, repeat. I put 60 hours (which i know isnt much with a game like sykrim) and it just got old so fast.

i got my moneys worth, but to say the game isnt repetitive is just wrong.

TekoIie2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Its repetitive but strangely fun O.O

Just like COD......

Ravenor2319d ago

@ ddurand1

You just detailed most games, they are all a series of simple tasks. To say that Skyrim is repetitive just says that you don't really get ES.

Leeta2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

wrong tab

beatmymonkey72315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

Danwguard is going to be huge and most likely as big or bigger then shivering isles. This DLC might make me buy Skyrim for my Xbox 360(I already own it on PS3 and PC).