Heavy Rain Is The Most Important Game Of The Generation

The industry needs a progressive direction for the new generation, and the one title that set such a tone over the past five or six years is Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain.

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RedDead2321d ago

Hmm, what was Fahrenheit like?

hennessey862321d ago

Great game and one which heavy rain took a lot from, but heavy rain was also very inovative as well.

Valenka2321d ago

Well considering Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy was Heavy Rain's predecessor (and considering that type of gameplay is what Quantic Dream wants to do), naturally, Heavy Rain would take a lot from the previous game.

I agree with the article entirely. Heavy Rain was without a doubt, one of the most marvellous games of this generation--regardless of how well or crappily it was received, it was very innovative and set the standards for a lot of companies these days.

ginsunuva2321d ago

The only problem was the strange pseudo-american voice acting and inconsistent visuals.

Otherwise it was amazing.

dubt722320d ago

In terms of impact on the industry, one would have to say it was Call of Duty 4. Even if you're not a fan of the series, it completely set the stage, for good or bad, for the current gaming landscape.