A Plea for a Unified, Blu Future

Thomas K. Arnold (Homemedia Magazine):

"It's time to knock it off. Ever since the two rival next-generation formats launched in 2006, I have been calling for an end to the format war, but without specifically telling one side or the other to get out."

"I'm doing so now. With Warner Home Video dumping HD DVD, the format has the support of just two of the six major studios. It cannot win. At best, it can be a spoiler, but I'm hoping Toshiba, Universal and Paramount will take the high road and, for the good of the entire industry, bow out. Universal and Paramount, in particular, need to jump on the Blu-ray Disc bandwagon so we can go into the new year with a unified front and a unified mission: To educate consumers about the advantages of high-definition media and convince them the time to transition from standard DVD to Blu-ray is the day they bring that HDTV into their home."

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mighty_douche3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

I think he pretty much says it all.

EDIT.. agree.

DRUDOG3961d ago

Which wasn't very much :P

Seriously, he's just restating the obvious. A person would be a complete idiot if they had any intention of purchasing anything HD-DVD related at this point.

rawd3961d ago

You know the war is over when people who don't know anything about HD media are asking me "So whats this Bluray all about, I heard about it on the news"

bootsielon3961d ago

If they don't do it, they'll be letting an inferior format survive, and/or Microsoft's plans of living room domination come true through being five and ten dollared for movie rentals forever.

Mr Tretton3961d ago

Don't be a foo, buy teh Blu.

cmrbe3961d ago

There is nothing for them to gain from continuing on.If they continue everyone looses. The customers, the industry and themselves in particular. They should do the honorable thing and bow out with dignity now rather than being forced to by consumers not buying HD-DVD.

jessupj3961d ago

But we all know they're too stubborn to do that.

LoydX-mas3961d ago

Let the market decide.

If HD-DVD is dead, like so many here say, then who cares if HD-DVD players and discs are still made?

Doesn't it mean those companies will just loose their ass?

And really, isn't that what alot here want to have happen?