The Walking Dead Episode 1 Review | RobotGeek

Scott Emslie writes: "It’s one of the best shows on TV right now and the graphic novels stand out as remarkable works in the genre. It’s a series that has proven that zombie fiction doesn’t need to be the gore-obsessed snuff that we’ve been exposed to over the last decade or so, showing that focus on the survivors makes for a more engaging story. The Walking Dead has now moved into videogames, although perhaps not the expected. Personally, I had been imagining a third-person survival simulation, focused on interaction with the NPCs inhabiting the world; so when the game was given to Telltale Games, my heart sank a little. Despite the results of the Jurassic Park license, however, my worry was deeply misplaced. Not only has Telltale made a cracking game, but they’ve made it worthy of the source material."

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