Star Fox – Metroid Fusion Saga Rumour

These days, rumours can just about come from anywhere. The Paul Gale Network has reportedly said that Retro Studios are working on a new Hybrid of Star Fox and Metroid, known as ‘Star Fox – Metroid: Fusion Saga’. To be honest, this game sounds too good to be true, as this would mean Nintendo are opening doors for other games to become Hybrid (imagine The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Combined?!?), either way, we will be able to confirm whether or not this is true when Nintendo reveal more at this years E3.

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr32320d ago

Where there's smoke, there's fire. I hope it's a launch title!

Titanz2320d ago

I believe in Retro Studios, and they've produced amazing titles so far in their careers.

LX-General-Kaos2320d ago

Crossover games have become pretty popular as of late.

That's why it comes as no surprise that award winning Retro Studios would be insane enough to combine the glorified greatness of the Starfox universe with the most critically acclaimed platformer shooter of all time Metroid Prime.

Samus meets Starfox is a cyber space match made in heaven. As both heroes arrive to battle equipped with laser beams, and space ships of their very own to bring sweet justice to the Nintendo galaxy.

I am looking forward to this epic exclusive Nintendo adventure, in hopes that Samus will take the spot of the classic annoying slippy toad in all land and air ship battles. Doing what's necessary to clean up the streets and back allys of the Nintendo universe.

Retro Studios is one of the top game development studios of our time. So if this game is true, which hopefully it is. This will stand a chance to become one of the most stunning games of the next generation. Which will only be possible with the innovations, power, and tablet control functions of the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system.

Things are looking very positive for the future of Nintendo. I am looking forward to hearing more on this unique title hopefully come this E3 2012.

Have a blessed day and happy gaming.

Rated E For Everyone

swice2320d ago

Imagine 2 player co-op. You decide which character you want to play throughout the game (or can possibly switch back and forth), and you both progress at the same time as your respective character. StarFox on the Tablet, Metroid on the TV.

And if you really want to get into it, the Tablet holder could leave the room, not knowing how their teammate is doing.

Look at me; Nintendo is sparking my imagination again. How nice :-)

--Onilink--2319d ago

thats probably asking 2 much, it would mean the console would be running 2 separate games at once...

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The story is too old to be commented.