Far Cry 3 - Ransom Note Cinema

A vicious kidnapper attempts to make an effective ransom video in Far Cry 3.

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S_C2073d ago

All the footage ive seen of this game has been great

Dovahkiin2073d ago

I agree, lets hope it'll run alright on current gen consoles. I'm not trolling I just don't want games to begin struggling like Skyrim, and people missing out on great games.

Summons752073d ago

can't wait for this, Vaas has me laughing every time he is in one of these videos!

MidnytRain2072d ago

I don't think that was supposed to be funny...

Summons752072d ago

No but his personality and the way he talks about things is great. His actor dose an excellent job of portraying him.

MidnytRain2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

^^Oh I agree, the actor is excellently disconcerting.