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PsGamer262011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Uncharted fps ? the game looks nice.. cant wait (:

MidnytRain2010d ago

Yeah, that reminded me of the chateau in Uncharted 3, can't wait.

BlmThug2011d ago

Looked amazing, what cracked me up was at the end of the video when 'figures' started to come out of the building

andreasx2011d ago

OMG this game is gonna be awesome :D

cyborg472011d ago

I hate all those scripted sequences. Why can't they just leave them to the player, atleast when the character is walking.

MidnytRain2010d ago

It gives the character a more natural embodiment. You know, it makes them more grounded in their environment and makes them less "robotic."

aviator1892011d ago

Wow, that was pretty awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.