Beyond Good & Evil 2: Three new stunning screenshots

Three new ingame screenshots of Beyond Good & Evil 2.

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Tomonobu Itagaki2161d ago

Honestly, I really love BG&E, but this is far from "stunning". It actually looks pretty average.

AdmiralSnake2161d ago

They can't help but exaggerate everything.

Muffins12232161d ago

Yea,why are people acting like "OMGZ NEXT GEN GAME!!11" It acully looks kinda sucky looking but its in its early stages and the lighting and shadows look great and the environment has a decent amount of detail i think

chrispen92161d ago

I miss the old art design. Perhaps its an outreaching to grab a stronger audience.

MattyG2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

I hate to say it but these look kinda bad. Especially the first one, ewww. I hope this isn't what "next-gen" looks like, because if it is I'll stick with current gen.

EDIT: Just looked at them again and not eveything is bad. Environments look average, but the character model doesn't look to great. Hopefully this is a really early build.

sjaakiejj2161d ago

Hm I don't even fully believe these are real. It seems quite off that a lot of the models didn't have animations in the video. It kind-of gives the idea that this is just some random artist pretending he's leaking this stuff.

2161d ago