N4G January Contest

Contributors of the Month
Submit news and get a top 10 contributor ranking in December and you can win up to $500. To improve your chances of winning please read the N4G News posting tips.

Important note: We have made some changes to this month's contest. It is now the submisson score which will decide who wins. This means that submitting news for the Wii, PC, Dev news and other news types which don't get as hot as PS3 and 360 news will no longer be a disadvantage when it comes to winning the monthly contests.

The prizes are as follow:

First place: $500
Second place: $300
Third place : $200

Also all other contributors who get a top 10 rank for January receives $100 each.

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Capt CHAOS3926d ago

Getting a bit bored of the 'My console is better than your console.. Neah!' type rubbish.

DiLeCtioN3926d ago

if news like that didnt come in n4g wont be n4g...i do agree that console hype is tiring but even professional sites do it so i dont think it will hurt to post news like that.

anyway good luck to everyone ;)

MrSwede3926d ago

"It is now the submisson score which will decide who wins". Good change in my opinion.

Dusty3926d ago

We decided to do this as it should result in more variation in the news posted. So posting a news article about a new DS game will count just as much as a PS3 vs 360 article when it comes to winning the contests.

TnS3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

Interesting change. Was second after The Round Peg with 28000 points, now leading with 2000. :)

I hope that change decreases the number of flamebait stories.

ktchong3926d ago

But seriously, though, this is a good change.

Now I can start to submit more new stories about the platform I love the most: the Wii!

And this will actually save me a lot of time. Now I can quickly submit a whole bunch of story without having to think if people are going to read it, and I can go through all my CRanks in less than a couple hours each day. And I won't have to spend time looking for exclusive hot news any more.

predator3926d ago

@Dusty - great change, i completey agree, now n4g should have a vaired news section and not just flamebait stories, although im quiting down due to new job i hope to bring more handheld and wii news since this site is lacking some.

good update

PS360WII3926d ago

Sweet nice change right there. Good luck everyone ^^

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The story is too old to be commented.