Grand Theft Auto IV Dated March 08 (Again)?

A paper circular from national computer and electronics chain, Micro Center, included a new program selling used games but also included a page-wide ad at the bottom that depicted the Grand Theft Auto IV box visuals with a date -- "March 08." While a Saturday release would be out of the norm, it would ensure that gamers with the day off would be waiting in line.

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DiLeCtioN3934d ago

maybe this might be the corect date who knows

bloop3934d ago

...but that would be less than 2 months away and still no gameplay vids or even in-game screens!?!?! Rockstar have never been this tight lipped before, what the hell are they up to? If this was true, surely they'd be showing some tv spots soon. I just hope to God they didn't pull a "Saints Row" on it. Saints Row was good and all, but it was just another GTA clone that failed to nail it. I hope R* haven't messed too much with the GTA formula.

N4M3L3553934d ago

I guess you didn't see the news about R* giving the press more info later this month. I think they'll show something for the Super Bowl. In regard to them being tight lipped, I don't think they're doing anything outside the norm. If I remember correctly, R* developers were pretty quiet about VC and SA. Yeah, they showed the little BS trailers, but I don't remember seeing any VC/SA gameplay until it neared release.

bloop3934d ago

.....Nope, didn't see that news about the end of the month :-P!!! I know R* are usually tight lipped, but have never been to this extent. Sheesh, I wish they'd just show some gameplay already, even the demo that was shown behind closed doors. It's the one game I am truly psyched for. Not much longer to wait now though, I suppose.

AceLuby3934d ago

March 08 = March 2008

Not a date, a month, which has been the target month for a while now.

TrevorPhillips3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

thats awesome ohh and not just that guys whoevers from australia battlefield bad company will be coming out Feb 28th 2008 instead of March 28th 2008 =]