Racist Comment Leads DOTA 2 Commentator To Apologize To Community

Kotaku: Toby "Tobi Wan" Dawson is a professional commentator for esports site JoinDOTA. He covers DOTA and now DOTA 2 matches and tournaments, and is considered to be quite entertaining. Unfortunately, the commentary he was caught making while playing in a live-streamed public match over the weekend is not so much entertaining as it is inexplicably racist.

The comment, as seen in a screenshot, was: "have you heard the expression..lame as a ni**ers baby?"

He later apologized on the JoinDOTA forum, explaining, "it is not ok, that is rage combined with [the other player's] jokes to create a completely inappropriate comment which I am sorry for making."

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DwightOwen2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

The comment, as seen in a screenshot, was: "have you heard the expression..lame as a ni**ers baby?"

Actually, I've never heard that phrase. EVER. And I've just about heard it all on Xbox LIVE. I'm totally using this now, though.

Question: how do you see a COMMENT in a SCREENSHOT? Was it typed or something?

FACTUAL evidence2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

I hope you're kidding about using that LAME unheard of joke. I swear, white people are showing stupidity, and ignorance DAILY! To think they call black people animals? Oh the irony....What's up with these moronic racist white people over the internet? It's like a whole different dimension sometimes..


TBH, it's not the same when a black person use the "N-word". White people says n**ger to use it as a racial degradation targeted at a specific ethnicity. There's a whole different meaning to n***a and n***er. It's almost how "to, and too" has different meanings. So don't EVER compare the two. Yeah, it sucks that the words are a like, but black people obviously use it in a different meaning...not bright that they use it, but it obviously isn't used the way slave masters used it....use your head berserk.

DwightOwen2315d ago

I WAS kidding until you slandered white people.

Congratulations on fostering more racism. Get a sense of humor, pal.

Thatguyinthesuit2315d ago

In FACTUAL's defense he specifically specified "racist" white people. Granted his reply to Berserk doesn't specify it and generalizes white people I think it's understandable through the first part of his comment that his comment is all directed towards racist white people, not all white people just the racist white people.

Bimkoblerutso2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

Granted this particular comment is obviously racist (it would have been if it HADN'T included the word), but that's ridiculous, backwards logic right there.

We're past the point of assuming that black people are incapable of forming bonds with people of other races that are as strong as they share inherently with every other person in the world that just happens to have the same skin color. So if a white person and black person can potentially be just as close and share just as strong a respect for each other as two black people can, why is it that the word is barred for use from other people simply on the basis of...race?

DeadlyFire2315d ago

Personally Idgaf about racism online. Talking s**t is talking s**t. You take it or run away from it.

Little kids of another color find a word and think its cool to say it a million times. Having it in every other rap song doesn't help them stop using it. Its not like you could attack them in real life. They are kids and are protected.

I don't care if your White/Black/Blue or Grey. That's right aliens.

I personally am a white guy. The N word is just another damn word. Like it or not it can't be erased. Bitch about it or ignore it. Its your choice. Call it racist, but old days are not coming back. Yelling RACISM every time you see this word is ridiculously and ignorant. Yelling RACISM all the time is a clear indicator that you just don't like non-black folks. Racism goes more than just one or two ways.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32315d ago

Dwight, go dry hump a very tall building...on the way down...

chanmasta2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

I agree with FACTUAL, but "I swear, white people are showing stupidity, and ignorance DAILY! To think they call black people animals? Oh the irony...." wasn't a good thing to say.

I'm very against racism, but if you want it to stop, don't categorize and talk to every white person like that. ANYONE who is racist whether it's for a joke or seriousness, is a douche. But ANYONE who receives racism and starts slating everyone of the other "kind" who first produced the racism is a douche too.

You also said "they call black people animals". THEY? Before that you never stated "racist white people", you just said "white people".
You may not have intended it, but you just said that all white people call black people animals. I'm white, never have called a black person an animal and never will. They're just human like me. There is absolutely no point wasting time in this world slating others just because of a pathetic thing like race, gender, skin color, sexual orientation, etc.

Think properly before you talk, otherwise you'll cause more shit than there was before.

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godzilla722315d ago

Im with you there Dwight! Will be using that one too. Getting a little sick and tired of all these politically correct cry babies. Its a frikin word people. Get the [email protected] over yourselves already!

Berserk2315d ago

OMG HE SO RACIST! I mean not even black people use the N-word, like never, not even on TV...

Thatguyinthesuit2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

There's quite a difference when a white man uses the word and when a black man uses it.

First there's the history, wherein it was used as a derogatory term to keep the black people down based on being black.

Second when black people use it's the same as when a comedian makes fun of himself or people he knows. They're the original "victims" of the derogatory meaning so when they say it it's similar to being a big "F you" to the past when it was derogatory. Sure most of the times it's been overused but it has a better excuse when told by a black person.

Finally he said it in public. Like in a group of friends there are times when friends regularly insult each other but they're close enough to not care. I mean I admit when I'm with my friends I've said racist remarks at random but we know each other enough that they understand I only intend for the humor value, if someone I don't know jumps in calls me stupid or throws a racial slur I'd be insulted because I don't know him well enough to know how he truly is and he doesn't even know how I'll react but just jumps in like that.

The biggest key in why it is understandable why people are angered by his comment is because he's white (which leads back to history of belief that blacks were inferior to whites, the joke implies that black babies are normally lame) and the fact that he said it in public (where people who don't know him personally will see him say it).

DeadlyFire2315d ago

A word is a word. I don't care which color you are. It's still on paper, screen, or in your face. It doesn't matter which color you are and if you use it or not.

If your that afraid of a word. Why are you on a journalism site? Its like being afraid of being called a chicken s**t. Do you walk away/ignore it or say its racist. Same type of thing as N word. Its said because its mean't to be offensive and angry someone. It doesn't matter what color you are. Someone is gonna push your buttons if they can in a fight or competitive space. You either take it or stop competing.

Biggest2315d ago

"I don't care which color you are."

Good for you. However, you do not speak for the rest of humanity. The only thing more annoying than a racist is a person that doesn't recognize the fact that racism still exists. A competitive space is supposed to be for competition. Unless it's a racist competition, the racism should be left at the door. Ask Luis Suarez how appropriate racism is in competition.

givemeshelter2315d ago

No one should use the word period, however there is history behind the use of the word by Whites.
This is the difference.
Now the word itself is derogatory and Blacks should not use it either.

Tonester9252315d ago

The thing is (I'm not racist) but why when Caucasian/European players hop online with a mic, as soon as a Black person, like myself, starts talking we automatically get called Niggers? I never said or heard many Black people start off a match and say "I hate Crackers!" Just to start it off. They also talk about the Latin and Asian community as well.

I think it's a thing about being behind a screen that gets people like them going. I've never been called a Nigger in my face lol

I think every Black person has been called one over Xbox Live or PSN.

But, when we are trash talking each other it always starts off with no racial slurs then after I hurt there feelings or get under their skin then here it comes. "Nigger Nigger Nigger!" Then their friends jump in. It's like a mob of angry KKK members hahaha

But the thing is that they don't know, its uneffective. Then the REAL ROASTING SESSION begins! I wish I could record my bouts haha PSNID:TONESTER_925

Happy Gaming All!!

xXxSeTTriPxXx2315d ago

just shows what is being tought in homes/or the lack of parenting and guidance.

i stop gaming of xbl because it's to out of hand.every match every game i'm being racially assaulted.on psn i only had like 2 or 3 racist do this (had a ps3 since 2006 and a 360 since launch).

racism ain't dying, just look at it, a console that dominates the u.s just so happen to be full of racist lmao.

Tonester9252315d ago

Yea it's not going to die. And the funny thing is I'm sure most of them have Black friends that they would NEVER say that in front of.

I've gotten my share on both Xbox 360 in my Halo 3/MW days and on my PS3. Less on my PS3 because not "everyone" has a mic.

You can't let ignorant people get to you. I know it's not just a word but, that's how you have to take it over the internet.

Now, it's a big difference if my boss or a police officer called me that.

Just grow tough skin and let it bounce off of you and just know it's going to happen.

Flavor2315d ago

And still nobody gives a rat's ass about DOTA 2 except meth addicts in central Europe and Chinese net cafe denizens pooping in stairwells.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32315d ago

But that's on PC as far as those comparisons go. Console gaming is bigger than PC gaming.

specialguest2315d ago

That comment was just blatantly racist. Its not even an old archiac term or phrase that sounds racist, but are actually not like tar baby(stuck in a sticky situation where trying to solve it makes it worse) or "chink in the armor"(a small crack or opening in the armor or defense that is vanerable).

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