10 Best Collectibles In Games [eGamer]

From the feature: "When a game features collectibles in a good way, it’s magic. When done right, collectibles can be the most fun you can have in a game. They can give you valuable information, or be a treat to hunt down. That’s how it’s done right. Throwing a bunch of random crap into corners and hoping people will give a damn is not doing it right. You have to give players sufficient incentive to run around looking for stuff.

The following games feature awesome collectibles. These are done right."

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Summons752282d ago

but...the Halo skulls started in Halo 2 not 3

SKUD2282d ago

Mafia II. Excellent game and soundtrack.

Alos882282d ago

I wouldn't consider 1ups to be collectibles in the same sense as I would the other items on this list.