Naughty Dog comments on graphics engine update for The Last of Us

Naughty Dog comments on some of the updates they have made towards the graphics engine for the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive title, The Last of Us.

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stonecold32105d ago

wow thats mind blowing cant wait for the last of us to come out day 1 for me ?

piroh2104d ago

they're updating their engine regularly

that's what makes ND games so beautiful

Freak of Nature2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

The lighting engine from Uncharted has *"evolved"* in The Last of Us, that's going to be some fine looking game.

I wonder how much the new lighting will help the day/night/twilight light.

Anyways really looking forward to this.

RedDead2104d ago

I would say the upgrade will be minimal at best because the Ps3 power has been maximized with Uncharted 3.

But ND have proven me wrong already. When Uncharted 3 came out

piroh2104d ago

@Freak of Nature
lightning system will be set in the environment without electricity so the sun will play big part of it

"They are currently pushing a lot more environments with the newer build." - this is what excites me

sjaakiejj2104d ago


There's no real "maximising a console's power". It all boils down to how effective the algorithms they use are in time and memory complexity, and cache performance.

SnakeCQC2104d ago

activision needs to take notes

inveni02104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

Actually, you CAN in fact maximize a console. For instance, 8-bit is max for an 8-bit console. I think what you mean to say is that the line for *max* is really high this gen. And you're right. But when we're 5 years into next gen, I think you'll see that the PS3 was maxed out. And that's because "Maxing Out" means that you're using all of the features available to a console. In that instance, the PS3 is maxed out, as are the Wii and 360. Sure, you can always make a new game that looks better than the last, but the available technology is already being used, and so gameplay and graphical innovation is limited. When we see Unreal Engine 4 in motion, I think we'll have a better understanding of what to expect from next gen, and also what technology exists for which our current consoles are incapable.

But I'm fine, for now, with the amazing things ND are doing. They are amazing. Water to wine, that's for sure.

F7U122104d ago

sure am glad I bought a PS3 instead of some other gaming box. :D

sjaakiejj2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )


That's not completely right. You're right that you can't make a console output 2048x1024 if it only has a physical maximum resolution of 1280x1024. But that doesn't mean the console is maxed out when you run it at 1280x1024. I could make a pacman game that runs at that resolution, and to be clear I could make it use 'all the features of Ps3', but that doesn't mean it maxes out the hardware.

A lot of it comes down to what you do with the hardware you have. A really dumb, unrealistic example may get the point across.

Suppose you have a list of numbers, and you want to sort it. There are many ways to do this, and if you ask a Human to do it they'll likely use what is known as "Insertion Sort". Now if the list is N numbers long, the total number of steps that algorithm will take is N^2, which is rather inefficient.

Depending on the problem, there are alternatives. Radix Sort and Bucket Sort are able to sort everything in N steps if you have some prior knowledge of the structure. Alternatively, Merge Sort will run in N log N steps, still significantly below N^2. However, due to Cache and Memory performance, Insertion sort works faster in practice on smaller lists, and Merge Sort works much faster on larger lists. This means your game can run much more efficiently due to the change of algorithms.

This shows that, given better algorithms than the ones you're currently using, you can create a better looking game regardless of the hardware limit. And the funny thing about that is - there's always a better algorithm, and thus you can never "Max Out" a piece of hardware.

inveni02104d ago

Yes, I also took Design & Analysis of Algorithms from Stanford's free online courses.

But that's a horrid example, because we can go back 40 years and find computers the size of a 20,000 square foot warehouse that can't do what the PS3 can do with [email protected], no matter how clever an algorithm you use.

But that's not the worst part of the example. The worst part is that you're trying to be technical when the industry needs to be practical. At some point, devs have to say, "Yes, we could probably do more, but the amount of time and money vs. payoff is too great. It would be a better financial move to step into a new hardware iteration."

And that's when we see a new console.

sjaakiejj2103d ago


Actually I'm a Computer Science graduate (there's a lot more to an algorithm than time and memory performance), I just used a dumb, simple (but feasible, as sorting algorithms are used A LOT in games, or any software for that matter) example to make it understandable for someone who has no demonstrated prior knowledge in the field.

"But that's a horrid example, because we can go back 40 years and find computers the size of a 20,000 square foot warehouse that can't do what the PS3 can do with [email protected], no matter how clever an algorithm you use. "
There's always a hard limit. We can't compute the travelling sales man problem, we can't compute SAT, and we can't compute all of the knapsack problems. These problems all fall into the NP category, but they also show something else. If we were to solve the P=NP problem, we could compute all these exponential time problems with polynomial time algorithms, which breaks away even the hard limit that we originally thought there was.

Yes you can't make a computer go faster than practically possible, but you can technically improve algorithms up to a theoretical, unreached hard limit. This won't happen in the foreseeable future though, which shows that there's always room for improvement.

" At some point, devs have to say, "Yes, we could probably do more, but the amount of time and money vs. payoff is too great. It would be a better financial move to step into a new hardware iteration."

And that's when we see a new console."

At this point I think you misunderstood my intentions with saying that there is no such thing as "maxing out" a console. I said that, as long as you can improve the code that you currently have, the console is not "maxed out". I never said that I didn't think new hardware was necessary.

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Blastoise2104d ago

In naughty dog we trust.
Lets hope for some gameplay footage at e3!

2104d ago
NastyLeftHook02104d ago

I don't always play games, but when i do... i prefer naughty dog.

Stay hardcore my friends.

Cryptcuzz2104d ago

Lmao that is funny, original and made me genuinely laugh.

Nice reference.

egidem2104d ago

Haha, that makes you the most interesting gamer in the world. :D

Comet2104d ago

I read that in his voice

WeskerChildReborned2104d ago

Hell yea, Naughty Dog is best, can't wait for the game.

showtimefolks2104d ago

you know these guys love making games because they don't talk or beat their chests each of their newer game beats the last in almost every fashion

can't wait day one for sure(also wondering what the 2nd team at ND uis working on most likely a ps4 title)

Jazz41082104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

Not impressed by the photos. They look okay but Max Payne 3 looks this good if not better on my 360. I would love to se the ps3 play a game similar to gears with its real enviroments. The issue imo is the ps3 could not handle gears because of how it utilizes its ram. I have noticed good looking games on both consoles but the cartoon look of the uncharted series does does not take much to render as well as the enviroments are very static. I hope the lou has more realtime destruction in the enviroments as that should be possible with the look of the uncharted engine. I love playing naughty dog games for the story but the graphics have not been that pushing the envelope as a lot of ps3 sites say as when real time enviroments and a real gritty real to life game is made then I may give it props but not with its current look.

Hicken2104d ago

No it doesn't. I played Max Payne on a nice 50" at midnight release on PS3, and while it looked great, it doesn't look as good as the most recent LoU trailer does(a trailer which is now months old).

And please don't start with qualifying what does and doesn't look good to you with nonsense: the gaming industry itself has time and again recognized the Uncharted series as among the best out there. Gears, while good-looking in its own right, does not surpass UC3's cruise ship, all by itself.

You're expecting things out of this game that you're not getting out of any other games, yet saying that as long as it doesn't meet those standards, it's not as good as other games that don't?

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r212105d ago

great that they're using the lighting system from U3, it made the game look so amazing!

frostyhat1232104d ago

If they can make this as good as their uncharted series, I may die from a heart attack after playing.

THC CELL2104d ago

this is going to be the game of the year 12/13. are amazing

MrDead2104d ago

The new vid we saw was from an old build, wow! I can’t wait to see what the finished game will look like.