New LittleBigPlanet Video (In Hi-Res)

Fresh from CES comes this lovely LittleBigPlanet video. You may have seen it elsewhere but here it is in high quality for you chaps. Threespeech have to say that this is looking really, really wonderful.

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Luca Blight3990d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

that this game is going to be so good, yet sell so little...

EDIT: Aren't the number of posts on this thread kind of suggestive of the game's popularity within the PS3 gaming population AS A WHOLE? I mean, if it were a high-res video of DMC4, Killzone 2 or Resistance 2, this thread would break 100 no problem (maybe on the DMC4, but definetely for KZ2 and Resistance 2).

I HOPE LBP does well in sales so more developers are inclined to make games like this in the future, but I stand by my original thoughts. This game will not do that well. It'll be a great niche game which doesn't cater enough to the violence crazed teen masses.

mighty_douche3990d ago

remember that statement. i think this will sell like hot cakes! big happy fun jumping user created hot cakes!

Eitherway, as long as me and my PS3 owning friends have it i dont care about anyone else, i dont know about you but personally i dont make money from Sony's sales.

The Wood3990d ago

too right. SUBSTANCE OVER SALES = Oldboy over Spiderman III or Brick over Hulk or even cod4 over halo 3

this sales being the only bottom line is becoming a joke. Im not slating its importance but whats more important for me: how many copies other people purchased or my personal enjoyment?

moujahed3990d ago

I think this will be a PSN download only, hopefully by then the PSN cash cards are out ebcause I want this.

ravinash3990d ago

I think it'll be on a disk, Its a big game...just a very simple game.
But its not so much the play of the game its self which is its main feature but the creating, and seeing what everyone else creates.
Plus this is one of PS3s draw card for casual gamers, so it needs to be on the shelf in the games store where people will see it. They won't see it if its only on PSN.

Devr3990d ago

It's only on Blu-ray.

ravinash3990d ago

I'll be getting it....and i'm sure it'll be selling very well.
The big gamers will want to have a look at it and see what it can do and try and test it till breaking point.
Everyone else will think the game is so cute that they can't help but get it.

SmokeyMcBear3990d ago

i thought it was going to be a download at first, and when users start creating the levels, then some user created levels will be available on the disc version to be sold in stores. Cuz that would be sweet.

PStriple7033990d ago

Sony+ps3+08=best year eva

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The story is too old to be commented.