Max Payne 3 – An Accomplishment in Video Game Storytelling The Max Payne series has always been known for its deep and engaging campaigns. The first title drew influence from Norse Mythology and transposed it into a brilliant noir detective story. Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne was a gut-wrenching and gritty crime game with a tragic love story. Both were examples of how a story should be made. Fans of the series feared what would happen to their beloved character in the third installment of the series because developer Remedy Entertainment was no longer in charge and series creator Sam Lake had departed with them. Have no fear Max Payne fans! Rockstar has delivered and it is unlike anything I have ever experienced....

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come_at_me_bro2252d ago

Sorry, but how can a game that relies mostly on cutscenes to tell a story be an accomplishment for video game story-telling? That's a cinematic accomplishment, not a video game accomplishment. Video games need to stop relying on cutscenes or text to tell stories, they need to tell them through action and interactivity. That is not to say that game stories that use these are inherently bad, it's just the wrong advancement to be making. It's like if a movie stopped every fifteen minutes to explain what's happening in text. If it makes no sense in film, why do we applaud the same ideas in video games?

Hufandpuf2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Did you even play the game?

Edit: so you don't think the story is good because you had to watch the story? That's not an excuse. Even the previous max Payne games were so good they made it into a movie. Granted the movie was a letdown, there isn't many games Hollywood would take a risk on even if the story is good. So take that into consideration.

come_at_me_bro2252d ago

No, that isn't what I said. I never made any qualitative judgments of the story or its content. I'm criticizing the authors stance that because the game used cinematic elements well, it's somehow a triumph for gaming as a story-telling medium. What I'm arguing is that it isn't an accomplishment, because it does nothing to move the medium forward in terms of story-telling. Like I said in my first comment, using text or cutscenes doesn't make a story bad, it's just not the direction video games should be going in.

Essentially I'm saying they need to distinguish themselves from other story-telling mediums to "accomplish" anything in that field. Literature does not seek to emulate theater, movies don't seek to emulate literature, or however many combinations you can create by swapping each medium around. Each of them work with elements inherent to their structure and video games should be doing the same thing. So, I ask again, if it makes no sense in other mediums, why is it praised in video games?

morganfell2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

I played the game and I didn't have an issue with the cutscenes.

But it doesn't change the fact it is true. Cutscenes and guided scenes galore - more than any game in recent memory. I couldn't go more than 5 minutes without the game control being taken away from me for an in engine moment. And that takes into account I ignored Max saying he had to move fast because I was trophy whoring and hunting for gold weapon parts - which frankly was a stupid implementation and the one on the boat chase scene is ridiculous and immersion breaking. Once the immersion was broken I went looking for weapon parts.

Now, I will say I enjoyed the game and I do not have an issue with cutscenes but the fact is Max Payne was given a pass on the cutscene use while these same hypocritical sites (AND PEOPLE - and I don't mean any of the people in the thread as of this writing) call out MGS4 and Uncharted.

Oops, wait it's okay, Max Payne is multiplatform and therefore it is okay. Now I understand...

Thatguyinthesuit2251d ago

I kinda agree with come_at_me_bro and morganfell. For games to accomplish a good way of telling a story isn't about the cinematics, sure it can be amazing like Max Payne's story but it is more a story told through cinematics not by the videogame.

People think I'm crazy when I tell them that Demon's Souls as a game tells its story well. Sure Demon's Souls barely has a narrative but the world itself is telling a story through visuals and game play. It's story telling without a "story".

These moments and instances of story telling are at their most obvious in artsy games like Journey and Flower.

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Jio2252d ago

There are somethings that are best with cutscenes.

reznik_zerosum2252d ago

only developer that knows about video game storytelling and what is main difference between gaming and all other mediums is Vavle.Immersion/experience is highest quality of video games,gaming can provide Immersion/experience on a much higher level than any medium,devs should focus on that and evolve storytelling on that.

but i personally think that gaming main goal is not to tell a story but to provide some kind of challenge, something like chess,when gaming works like realistic simulator for example strategy or tactics,then it works best for me.rts games,early rainbow six or ghost recon games,blizzard games focused 100% on gameplay,portal and that kind of stuff.

Trenta272252d ago

The game blended the cutscenes and gameplay beautifully. Everything was seamless. Another series that is well known for this is Uncharted, but other games also do this too. Do those games suck? To me, Max Payne 3 was a brilliant game. It actually told a story unlike some games out there. I had a blast playing it and I'm going through it again on Old School.

Ashunderfire862251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

I agree with Come_at_me_bro.

Screw the 4 disagrees. Max payne 1 and 2 never relay on too many cutscenes to tell the story. All those comic book style cutscenes where at the end of each level, giving both games more gameplay than Max Payne 3. Yeah I like Max Payne 3, and still in the process of finishing it, but you got to admit that there is just too much cutscenes(more than Black Ops 1). They could of strip down the cutscenes into a few for more gamplay. Its just seems that Max Payne 3 levels are just a shooting gallery arena before the next cutscene, every 5 or 10 minutes. No wonder why the PC Version is around 35 gigs of space!!! Too much for most people.

No wonder why Max Payne 3 has so much delays, and Metal Gear Soild 4 suffer the same fate, but still was a great game.

neutralgamer192251d ago

I have been kind of critical of mp3 on this site for various reasons and of course fanboys have been upset at my comments, but one of my biggest gripes like morgan mentioned below was the overkill of cutscenes. To me it wasnt seamless. Not when im playing for 2 minutes and then im interrupted with a cutscene and that happens like every 2 to 3 minutes. Its not seamless to me but very annoying.

All in all however i do love the Max Payne character and story.

Nac2251d ago

I was about to ask the same thing. We need to get story out of cutscenes.

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