Sega Classics Coming to XBLA & PSN

Sega is sending some obscure titles to both the PSN and Xbox Live Arcade starting on the 22nd of May. While PS3 players will be able to grab any title they wish, Live will be bundling them in packages.

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Yi-Long2317d ago

... it depends on the quality of the port if I'm excited or not.

If it's done as brilliantly as SonicCD, then hell yeah I'm excited! Sega did a great job in bringing that in HD!

But if it's done as Sonic 1 and 2, then no, I'll skip it.

Emilio_Estevez2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Streets of Rage 1 and 2 are already out. They are good, but they are just like the old ones with a better coat of paint. Online added too

from the beach2317d ago

Streets of Rage 2 and Golden Axe (arcade version, which they're pairing up with the MD sequels for some reason) are already on XBLA for 400 points each, with online play - do these new, more expensive versions offer something better?

They're also on that Ultimate Mega Drive Collection from a few years back. The rest is just super random.. will Super Shinobi be the infamous original version? Is that the arcade or MD version of Super Hang On?

All great games but man, botched delivery.

TopDudeMan2317d ago

They need to start bringing some of these franchises to the current generation in the form of sequels or remakes. They'd make really good xbla and psn titles if done well. These are the games that made SEGA the daddy.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2317d ago

I was hoping for sonic adventure 2 battle...

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