WWE '13 On The PC?

As reported on earlier, released its annual earning report. One of the most interesting things to point out is that it suggests its annual WWE video game could be coming to the PC.

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thrashermario1802d ago

yeah give it to the PC fanboys, give them the John Cena edition

GamingPerson1802d ago

Hey! What is wrong with being a fanboy of my own personal computer? It's better than be a fanboy of a corporation like sony & MS fanboys.

Yes I am a fanboy of my own personal computer that I built.

Also WWE is crap now.
They Should let 2k try to make it.

Enmson1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

too bad even if it came out on pc it wont use the full power with the graphics like on the consoles.
edit: i mean like how they dont use the full power on consols too

decrypt1802d ago

Not many games use the power of PC graphics these days.

Personally i think i wont be upgrading my PC for a very long time if this keeps up lol.

Infact todays new games are so casual i dont enjoy them. Last 3 months i been playing Dota and just cant get enough of it, thats a mod for a 10 year old game. I think Dota pretty much owns most of the games out today.

sriki0071802d ago

if it has modding feature it could sell well on pc.

1802d ago
AdmiralSnake1802d ago

Haven't bought one in a while... Here comes the Pain and SVR 2006-2007 was the last time I played one and bought it lol.

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