Why Halo 4 Is the Most Anticipated Game of 2012

SlashGear: "Looking at the rest of the year, we can expect some blockbuster video games to hit store shelves. Activision is once again launching a Call of Duty game — Black Ops 2 — and despite my issues with it, Madden NFL from Electronic Arts will undoubtedly be a sales juggernaut towards the end of the summer."

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Shanks2254d ago

There is a big difference between THE most anticipated game of 2012 and YOUR most anticipated game of 2012. And sir, Halo 4 is YOUR most anticipated game of 2012.

TotalSynthesisX2254d ago

You're right for the most part, but the reason so many people are anticipating it is because there's a lot riding on it. 343i is new to the scene and plenty of people are anxious for what they can bring to the table. Then again, I'm sure PS3 and PC players don't give a crap since Halo is Xbox-exclusive, but most Xbox players are watching it carefully. Even if someone hates Halo, they'll still be anticipating its downfall if the game ends up being crap (which, personally, I hope doesn't happen).

"Why Halo 4 is probably the most anticipated game of 2012 on the Xbox 360" would be a better title.


MysticStrummer2254d ago

I've never understood Halo's popularity, but I don't anticipate or root for it's downfall either. It's just a high selling non-factor in my gaming world, like the Wii or Call of Duty. At the same time, this is an opinion piece and the writer is welcome to theirs. The title should be "Why Halo 4 Is My Most Anticipated Game Of 2012" though.

dorron2254d ago

Lol! No.

Probably GTA V for most people...

thehusbo2254d ago

Most anticipated if you only own an Xbox.

JellyJelly2254d ago

I'm a 360 gamer and Halo 4 isn't on top of my list. Neither is Black Ops 2. I guess that makes me a hipster lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.