Diablo III's Always-On Connection: A Glimpse of Gaming's Future?

GP Editor Marcus discusses the ramifications of Blizzard choosing to utilize an "always online" DRM for Diablo 3 through Is this what we can expect from future game releases?

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CarlosX3602251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

When you play online, do you always have to be online to be able to keep your online stats?

Legit question. I haven't bought the game yet...

Trenta272251d ago

If you ever lose connection, it will save everything. You never lose stuff when the connection goes away. If your Internet isn't on, you can't do anything. =/

reznik_zerosum2251d ago

no crack yet and thats strange for something big as diablo so this is success for blizz,but only for now i wouldn't bet that some day (soon?) someone will crack is great btw.

Bimkoblerutso2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

There will be a crack. There will be private servers. It's only a matter of time.

I don't mean to suggest that I'm rooting for the pirates, but if a cracked game is what it takes for Blizzard to see that this policy is absolutely ridiculous, then I say...release the hounds.

pr0digyZA2251d ago

"There will be a crack. There will be private servers"

No doubt, but remember these will have to be self supported servers that don't hold as many people as Blizzards, there will be quite a few bugs. Look at WoW and it's private servers, feels really bad compared to official servers. Plus it takes longer to crack games which might be all that developers need to hear, a few months of no copied game could be a lot of extra sales.

Somebody2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

There's one ramification that everyone seem to forget or chose to ignore : Diablo 3's DRM doesn't allow mods.

Just as Skyrim made mods seem cool again to the masses, here comes Diablo 3 saying NO!

That would be a sad future (one that console developers would certainly love since it'll get rid of those pesky modders). Publishers like Ubisoft had a hard time to get their own online DRM to be accepted so the article suggested to overcome that they have "follow Blizzard's example to the "T" instead of taking the one part they like from it. "

Which means if the rest of the industry are to follow EXACTLY what Blizzard did to be accepted, they have to ban/disable/disallow mods altogether.

A future where your singleplayer experience is determined by how much ping you have to the nearest servers and no mods? No thanks. Tell that to Day Z.

BrutallyBlunt2251d ago

This is the way we are heading whether people like it/agree with it or not. XBOX Live trained us to stay connected, Steam is an online service that works best if you stay connected, PSN is best when you keep connected. Playstation Plus takes that even further. Onlive requires an online connection. Look at Apple and it's Itunes ecosystem and cloud based services, they too are getting consumers to stay online.

How many of us have a cellphone? We are all programmed to be connected one way or another and publishers will use that to their advantage. Why wouldn't they when piracy takes advantage of this too? It will also help curb used games so of course they would like us all to stay within the service.

Right now it's still in the early stages and there continues to be a battle brewing between them and the consumers. People are still used to the freedom of taking their games to a friends house, selling/trading them and so on. Eventually it will all be in the cloud and the only thing we own is the license. Right now it's the prices that are holding me back. Why pay the same for less freedom?

specialguest2251d ago

That's the part that is going to really piss me off. Most of these publishers will continue to charge the same cost, and most gamers will continue to take it in the ass without realizing it or feeling indifferent about it.

mananimal2250d ago

and its COMPROMISERS, like HEROIN ADDICTS, with no WILL POWER to say "NO!, I WONT GO ALONG, that allows the INDUSTRY to do exactly what you say(& i agree 100%) there going to do. STUPID & weak willed, spinless GAMERS ADDICTS who are SLAVE MINDED, so dont CRY & COMPLAIN if your NOT SAYING NO, & taking a stand by HOLDING YOUR WALLET, & not participating in services that are DRM, like STEAM, ETC. LOOK IN THE MIRROR & you will see who fault this is(gamers with no discipline & will power.).

admiralthrawn872251d ago

this subject is already old. i'm sure over 100 articles on this subject have been written since tuesday and since its online always announcement may be hundreds. it happened, move on.

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