Vita Means Life - Where is it for Sony?

Hands up Vita owners; now, keep that hand up if you’ve got enough games to play on your shiny new system…hmmm. Sony’s latest handheld has been going through something of a proverbial dry spell for the last wee while, a fact much publicised by everyone and his dog seeking to jump on the inevitable bandwagon of doom that has unhitched itself from the 3DS in order to latch on to the Vita.

Yes, there isn’t much out there at the moment – going into a retailer and looking at the Vita section is a little bit concerning. Yes, the last ‘new’ thing I got for my handheld was a five year old PSP game, and yes I bought it just so I could get some use out of the thing.

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NovusTerminus2251d ago

E3 is next month. Can we hold off on the no games till then?

There are still games due out. Gravity Rush next month, Mortal Kombat just came out, most consoles do suffer 'dry spells' at, and a little after launch. It is normal. Just have to wait it out in truth, and buy the games that are interesting to you.

Tis part of the joy of being an 'early adopter' in truth, there is less for it, and you get to play the waiting game quite often. Again, this is normal.

Abash2251d ago

Resistance Burning Skies on May 29th, the first console experience FPS on a handheld

MasterCornholio2251d ago

I don't know if this matters to many people but at the end of next month Strangers Wrath for the Vita will release at a price of 10€ which is a pretty good deal. I don't know why but people fail to mention that the Vita is starting off with better games than the 3DS at launch plus Sony is doing an incredible job with digital content for it such as Minis, PSP games, demos and PSN arcade titles.


kingfury2251d ago

the vita will be okay. it just needs more games which will come

TheModernKamikaze2251d ago

That's the irony I have no life. :P

PersonaCat2251d ago

Well, just like when the PS3 came out, I played ton of PS2 games on it. With the Vita I have 6 vita games and 5 PSP titles. I think I'm good for right now. Resistance and Gravity rush are releasing in the coming months and then its E3. Chill out people :o

Sithlord-Gamble2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Theres PLENTY of games on the vita.

Just bc some people dont want to play them doesnt mean theres not anything to play.

I have:

Uncharted, Unit 13, MK, Hot Shots, Ninja Gaiden, Ridge Racer, Modnation, Lil Deviants, Lumines, Escape Plan, Motorstorm RC, Stardust & Plants vs Zombies.

This is more than enough to tide me over until Resistance & Gravity Rush.
Plus LBP and MGS HD is coming soon.

So for there being a dry spell, i sure havent touched my ps3 since feb!
I play my vita everyday, and i have yet to regret it or get bored with it.

Add me on PSN: Sithlord-Gamble

Hicken2250d ago

People seem to confuse "available games" with "games I want to play" all the time.

The Show and BlazBlue are missing off your list, but I think people should get the picture: that there's a helluva lot of stuff to play, if you give the games a chance.

Don't forget the rest of the sports games, either. Or the movie tie-in crap that's sure to come. And other stuff. Yes, stuff. Because stuff will come.