Will Microsoft debut the next Xbox in 2013?

Examiner writes: Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft plans to unveil its next Xbox in 2013.

According to anonymous sources close to the discussions on the next Xbox, Microsoft is planning to unveil it at E3 in June 2013 and will put it on sale later that same year.

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SignifiedSix2249d ago

Nope, its going to be next month... Shhh, don't ruin this moment :P

Kingdom Come2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

They've already denied rumours of them announcing the NextBox at their conference at this years E3, if they had any intention to do so I don't see why they'd comment at all...

I don't know about others, but witnessing the capabilities of tue next generation of console just after/before a demonstration of current generation games would enfeeble their identity and appearance, making them seem less fascinating then they potentially are...

morkendo232249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

Microsoft debut the next Xbox in 2013
and SONY PS4 be right the beat go's on!! an the beat go's on............

DeadlyFire2248d ago

Announcing a new console months before release is not typical of either of them. They will say something at E3 2012. Saying we WILL NOT. Is just to get you guys to think OMG its not gonna be there. So they can surprise you.

Brettman20082249d ago

Yep, announced 2013 E3 and launched late that year. At about the same time as the PS4.

tigertron2249d ago

If not this year then certainly the next. 2013 is the ideal time to launch next-gen.

Hufandpuf2249d ago

2 years from now they will only just begin the announcement of next gen consoles.

Adolph Fitler2248d ago

They should announce FULLY at E3, with some BS game footage of the fmv kind akin to Killzone 2.

Both Sony & MS need to announce this year & release EARLY next....if not, Wii-U are gonna sell another 60-70 million units before the others even have there 1st AAA game.

DeadlyFire2248d ago

I think both will announce and Sony will again show some FMV like footage for PS4 games. At least 5 of them I am betting. They said 20 games would be shown at E3. I say 8 Vita titles. 6 PS3 titles. 6 PS4 titles.

slaton242248d ago

who cares either way people are going to own both systems and if not they will buy the nextbox or ps4 when they patient ps3 is still goin strong xbox needs a new system they are sorta out of date....mostly with just the disc being dvd and of course not being able to watch blu-ray movies

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