Edge Column: Mr. Biffo - 360 Ring, Sir?

Mr. Biffo's Xbox-centric faith has been tested by a deceased 360, but he's still a fan of the system and its games.

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Maddens Raiders3963d ago

judging by the tone of his "article" he surely got what he deserves. Now hurry up and go re-invest in the Ford Pinto of vg consoles.

ravinash3963d ago

Its funny how all his comments about the PS3 are to do with sonys marketing and not about the hardware. Fair enough that Sony did do a pretty stuffed up job at the start with the PS3, but they seem to be on track I guess you can only milk it while you can.

name3963d ago

lol Why is it that 360 loyalists almost have to be smoked out to get a PS3. They make up every excuse in the world to downplay their reasons for wanting one. And when they finally get one it's almost like they "surrendered" or something when all they're doing is just buying another product.

DFresh3962d ago

I guess this goes to show you that you can have the best games in the world but if your hardware doesn't work for crap than your screwed.
Seriously whenever you turn on a console you look forward to playing games but I feel different when it comes to a 360 or an X-bomb as I call it that's what it is just ready to explode any minute upon turning it on.
PS3 equals true joy with the future in your hands and a Wii well it equals last gen.
Wii: last gen
360: X-bomb aka bomb ready to explode any moment.
PS3: the true future in your hands.
I would rather have the future.