Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time - Juggling Act Gameplay

Sly tightrope walks, trampolines and trapezes through a circus environment in Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time.

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DigitalRaptor2254d ago

It's a rare thing these days to see games like this, which is why I'm looking forward to the classic sly gameplay so much. Looks like they've done a great job.

El_Assenso2254d ago

I agree games like these are nbearly extinct. All I see on game shelves are first person shooter after shooter after shooter.....

badz1492254d ago

been waiting so long for a sequel! next, Jak 4! make it happen SONY!!

jronj2254d ago

I've never played a sly game before, the graphics look great and the game play looks fun but that guy talking to you(stating the obvious) over the radio or whatever sounds annoying, really annoying.

DFogz2254d ago

If you have the opportunity, pick up the Sly Collection. They're still fun to play, they've held up pretty well over the years.

r212254d ago

cool. cool cool cool cool.

Zetsomaru2254d ago

If that's a Community/Abed reference, you have one too many cools. If it isn't, I'm recommending the show Community to you: it's really good.

This and Playstation All-Stars supposedly coming to the VITA really shows where the handheld really shines. I'm finding it easier to believe that this is indeed a PS3 in the palm of your hands.

grailly2254d ago

aww.. you beat me to correcting him about his quote :(

I also recommend community, it's great, especially the third to last episode for anyone who likes video games.

r212253d ago

i got it wrong? hahaha my bad, but yeah awesome that you get it :D i just watched the last 3 episodes of community. loved it all XD especially the 8-bit episode!

Acquiescence2254d ago

Sanzaru haven't missed a beat.

jujubee882253d ago

Cool name!

Also, I will be jumping into this game on my VITA. ^_^

Skateboard2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

TY, Gaming and Skateboarding are two of my favorite hobbies.

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