Newly Remodeled “Lara Croft” Is A Step In The Right Direction For Female Gaming Leads

Ever since graphics evolved out of their meagre 8-bit (and even 16-bit) beginnings we’ve seen a pretty strong trend towards having female lead characters. It is great to see this, whether they are the default main character or simply an option- but at the same time we’ve also seen that the video game world is a very sexist place. You can disagree with this all you want, but in many RPGs the same outfit on a man will look totally slutty and low-cut on a woman. The truth is that this was done, originally, to cater to the target audience of young men, 13-20-ish, but times are changing.

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Thatguyinthesuit2254d ago

As much as I liked the oversexed Croft I do agree that I like the new look better.

Sashamaz2254d ago

The new Lara looks way sexier and those breasts aren't smaller either, she's just got more clothes on. They've also made her look more realistic but aside from that I think people are deluding themselves in saying she is 'average' or less sexy. When I saw renders of her she looked like she had been modelled after Adriana Lima and had a few features changed to differentiate her from the model.

Thatguyinthesuit2254d ago

People say her new model is average? As far as I can see it's still pretty and sexy as far as character models go.

I mean I understand people who say she's less sexy it could be attributed to having a different taste or sense of what's sexy, but to say the new model is average is kinda dumbfounding.

richierich2254d ago

I dont know maybe her breast reduction will hurt sales

TopDudeMan2254d ago

More realistic, I guess would be the word I'm looking for.

SilentNegotiator2254d ago

Because no one has large breasts or wears shorts to hot regions of the planet, right?

TopDudeMan2254d ago

No, I was more talking about how she's all covered in mud.

I mean, with all the climbing and stuff she does, it was kind of hard to believe she stayed neat, tidy and clean in the other tomb raider games.

DudeJets2253d ago

She carriied a lot of wet wipes

SilentNegotiator2254d ago

Make breasts smaller = instant progression!

They simply gave her longer pants and slight breast reduction surgery, but now she moans like she's going to cream herself.

Clap your flippers together; Square/CD accomplished EXACTLY what they were going for....keeping the sexuality and still convincing foolish "progressive" game journalists that it is gone.

rfeldur2254d ago

I guess I haven't listened in for the moaning and such that you are talking about- probably in one of the trailers? Good point.

The sexuality in gaming isn't going away ever, and nor should it. I just like to see that women can look attractive as heck and yet still have a slightly less revealing look- something I think they did pretty well with the Lara Croft remodel.

I have nothing against the older Lara Croft model though! :)

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The story is too old to be commented.