Type-Moon Outlines Future Plans

In an interview with the Japanese gaming website 4Gamer, Type-Moon writer Kinoko Nasu, artist Hirokazu Koyama, and producer Monoji Tsukuri discussed the game developer's future plans.

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Lord_Sloth2281d ago

Love this studio! They should to a Capcom vs Type-Moon!

Shiki and Saber vs Wolverine and Gambit (you know it'd be awesome)

ALICE6662280d ago

Probably never happen with Capcom. Would rather see an in studio Melty Blood VS Fate/Zero.

Lord_Sloth2280d ago

I dunno. We had Tatsunoko vs Capcom.

ALICE6662279d ago

Another thing that probably wouldnt work out is because alot of type moon characters use weapons and seem unrealistic in gameplay against unarmed opponents.. how would they block say a sword? They could do it as a normal block but wouldnt look convincing anyways. :)

Maybe a Soul Calibur VS Type Moon would be more suited.

Hicken2280d ago

I'll take anything from Type-Moon, especially if Saber's involved. I'd REALLY like some official English versions of their visual novels, though.

ALICE6662279d ago

I think a few maybe translated by fans already.. last I check Fate was already done.

Hicken2279d ago

Oh yeah. I've played Stay/Night and loved every moment of it, and I'm currently going through Tsukihime. Still, there's Melty Blood and plenty of others that I'd like to get my hands on.