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Game Rumble: Marvel vs Capcom 2 was one of the major hit game in coin operated arcade machines some 15 years ago. As if inevitable, it now launches on the iPhone and other iOS enabled device as well. This is the first released version we're talking about here (v1.0.0.0).

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dark-hollow2107d ago

wanna here a joke?

competitive fighting game on a touch screen.

Kyosuke_Sanada2106d ago

Your avatar makes your comment even funnier....

Corepred42106d ago

I love mvc2 so when i saw it on my iphone i got it right away. kinda sucks but you can do the basics. still better than that abomination umvc3 though.

Kos-Mos2106d ago

"I review this game I`m stupid."

DJLB21152105d ago

Thank god for installous!!!