EA support of crowd-funded games is "acknowledgement of hardcore community"

GamesIndustry International sat down with EA SVP of Origin Dave DeMartini to discuss the company's new support of crowd-funded titles. EA has decided to give any and all games that are fully funded, ready-to-publish, an all access publishing deal that would be free for the first 90 days on the platform. DeMartini simply states that the goal is to give developers and core gamers a real glimpse of a platform that is attempting much to improve its status with a very devout and fanatical fanbase in gaming.

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Godmars2902162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

So basically they're trying to coop kick-start? Scoop up as many publicly funded indies to possibly get them under the EA banner on later titles?


dangert122162d ago

EA pretending they support change,

Uncharted2Vet2162d ago

"acknowledgement of hardcore community" are stupid or something, what they "EA" acknowledge is that they can publish games and not have to fund them their-selves cause there is stupid people to do that for them and in the end EA get profit for doing nothing.

FlashXIII2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

This lol.. the fact EA are promoting this deal as if they're the good guys shows just how stupid they think we all are.

FlashXIII2162d ago

So essentially they're going to take games the community wants and publish them because they care so much? Lol!

More like they're going to take already funded games, invest very little themselves and stamp their EA logo all over the product, next no risk and nothing but rewards... stay classy EA!

MrBeatdown2162d ago

They aren't stamping their logo all over anything. They are just distributing the game. Duh, EA makes money after 90 days. But so what? Steam will make money, as will any other distribution platform. And I don't see anywhere that EA can lock you into a deal beyond those 90 days, or that they have any ownership, or exclusivity rights whatsoever of the game.

So, how exactly is this bad? An indie dev gets 90 days of 100% of the revenue from a title, with no obligations to the distributor. Yeah, classless.

It's amazing all the comments in this article are condemning EA for something that's nothing but a positive for indie devs.

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The story is too old to be commented.