Anarchy Reigns’ Oinkie Sounds Like A Pig, But He’s Actually A… Reptile?

Anarchy Reigns news has slowed down a little as of the last couple of weeks, but PlatinumGames did release a new short clip of Oinkie showing off his moves in the game.

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Skateboard2316d ago

I wont forgive myself if I don't buy this :(

ShaunCameron2316d ago

I wonder how the single-player mode's gonna be.

Venox20082315d ago

If this game will have a single player like in Madworld, with boses and cool finishing moves, I'm gonna scream from happiness :)

ElasticLove2315d ago

Bane mixed with Killer Croc and he knows martial arts. Sound like a character I'll be using come July.