Gearbox loves Wii U controller, teases online functionality, much more

Gearbox says Aliens game will look the best on Wii U (consoles), says it has the best shooter controller ever from Nintendo, teases online, and more.

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PopRocks3592249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

That interview gave me a sense of relief in terms of online functionality.

Wonder how many people plan to throw anonymous sources at me for it though.

dark-hollow2249d ago

oh a positive wii u article...... it will pass unnoticed here.

Shok2249d ago

Another dev saying the Wii U is next gen.

But this will just be ignored lol.

Uncharted2Vet2249d ago ShowReplies(3)
Uncharted2Vet2249d ago

dude your on every wii U page crying about what people say about the system what part of that don't you understand. if i'm wrong disprove me, you can't though the proof is there. another thing i basically told you the truth about you and all you can bring to the table is watch my blood pressure. sigh "what a imbecile"

LX-General-Kaos2249d ago

Is this how people react when there is good news about the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system?

dubal-e2248d ago

Did you wake up being a hater today or were you born that way. Let people have their moment you dont have to jump him just cos he showing some Wii U love.

browngamer412248d ago

Imbecile..isn't that a little like the tea pot calling the kettle black-and yeah every negative article on N4G about the Wii-U (or Nintendo in general)is usually followed up by 100's of comments -and every time a positive article is posted about the Wii-U no one says shite except for a few idiots such as yourself..quit trolling dude..Moron-see I can name call too..

Moncole2249d ago

Nobody ever clicks on positive articles sadly. People only click on negitive ones than rage and says everyone hates it.

maniacmayhem2249d ago

No doom and gloom? Nobody will come in here to agree. Now if it said gearbox Hates the Wii U controller....1000 comments easy.

LOL_WUT2249d ago

Of course Gearbox is going to say nothing but positive things about the Wii U what did you expect them to say?

Now what they said about Nintendo having the best shooter controller i call BS i think its nothing but a gimmick but i guess well find out at E3. :)

Ck1x2249d ago

I have a simply solution, if you don't like the positive news then don't click on the article. Because the most likely scenario is, that you're gonna be offended. And If you don't like the WiiU or Nintendo games then don't buy the system... I promise you that you aren't hurting Nintendo by coming in here saying that the WiiU sucks or the controller sucks. They are a multi billion dollar corporation and could care less, of what you think about a controller that you've never even touched!
Please... get over yourself

Biggest2248d ago

He didn't say the best shooter controller. He said the best Nintendo shooter controller. The same studio also said the WiiU is a nice bridge to the next generation. They didn't say it IS the next generation.

Shok2249d ago

Here's the video interview if you guys want to actually watch it:

mike1up2248d ago

Will you stop crying, and whining, already Shok?!

You are always leeching on every WiiU article making good points, providing links, and linking helpful videos!

Just stop it!


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The story is too old to be commented.