New Tekken Movie in the works from the director of Ong Bak

DSOGaming writes: "Okay, lets be honest here; the DVD-movie Tekken was one of the worst movies. EVER. Seriously now, Jin was in love with Christie? What the bloody F. The only good thing about that abomination was the fight between Eddy and Raven. Although the fight choreography was awful, those two characters resembled those of the Tekken games, so it was kind of cool watching them. Apart from that though… man, that was a really bad movie. Not as bad as the King of Fighters movie, but still."

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bacrec12012d ago

I thought it was just mediocre for Video Game films. Seen a lot worse. At least they cast real martial artists and were wearing their costumes from the games.

CarlosX3602012d ago

Tony Jaa for one of the fighters, please.

teedogg802012d ago

Yeah, Tony Jaa is the sh!t.

Army_of_Darkness2011d ago

OMG! The fighting sequences will be Freakin' awesome!!! :-D

Afterlife2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

The first one was terrible. I guess it made them money.

I'm not even going to bother to pirate it. That's how much I hate the idea. I prefer another CGI film.

john22012d ago

I believe that Prachya Pinkaew will deliver. Ong Bak was a great movie, so here is hoping for something good

Lucretia2012d ago

Cg movie would be WAY better.

ong bak was pretty lame, protector was far better, ongbak 2 sucked until the last fight, and ongbak 3 was utter trash, not 1 good fight, the story made no sense aaaand yeah

NovusTerminus2012d ago

You should watch Raging Pheonix, it uses the same stunt direction from Tony Jaa's movie, and the lead actress is set to be in The Protector 2 later this year, and she is very good!

Ong Bak 2 I liked... Because of the last fight. lol, I watched Ong Bak 3 on netflix, but that was horrible! A martial arts movie without fighting!

iNcRiMiNaTi2012d ago

Doesnt raging phoenix star that chick from chocolate? I could be wrong but she was pretty awesome

Lucretia2012d ago

lol agree with everything u said lordme

and Incriminati

yep its the girl from chocolate :P

the whole point of us talking about this is that regardless if the fights are good it wont have a good story,

one reason is cuz the story in tekken sucks lol. so we only accept it when its the same odd suckage from the creator but with nice CG.

still i will watch this tekken movie if the fighting is as good as the creators other movies

NastyLeftHook02012d ago

leonardo di caprio be in it!

john22012d ago

Imagine Di Caprio as Hwoarang. Oh boy, that would be a good laugh... :D

Kyosuke_Sanada2012d ago

Would it kill them to create an animated Tekken movie from Production I.G or Studio Bones.

FaSCoRP2012d ago

Tekken movie was good, mostly if you compare it to the KoF or the Street Fighter one