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In much the same way that Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption outshined the contemporary gangster and western film, Max Payne 3 reminds players of the potential of the action film. Before cinema became enamored with the PG-13, CGI-driven spectacle, hyperviolent features like John Woo’s The Killer and Hard Boiled delivered staggering set-pieces which quickened the heart rates of viewers.

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sharpsword2374d ago

That's a bold statement.

And I just might agree with it. I'm four hours in and love every single damn minute (so far).

Trenta272374d ago

It's bold, but oh so true. Some of the later levels show how much work that went into the game, as well as love. You can tell they loved the series.

gatormatt802373d ago

I have the game and have almost beat it. Its for sure deserving of the score IMO. The cemetery level is one of my favorites in the game. Oh and the soundtrack is awesome too!!

madmad2374d ago

I'll be buying MP3 this weekend. I honestly expected it to get 7.8'ed all around.

Outside_ofthe_Box2374d ago

Gosh, I wasn't planning on getting this game at all, but all the praise the game is getting has me very curious. I love me a good single player experience and people are saying this game sets the bar. I would pick this up right now if the multiplayer was on par with the SP. I'll definitely pick this game up when it drops in price.

RaptorMan2374d ago

When's the last time R* let us down?

CharmingMan2374d ago

Maturity=shooting a guy point blank in the face?

Still, good review. Bad pic choice.

deserteaglexix2374d ago


Good point. Overly gratuitous screenshot.

come_at_me_bro2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Nice contradiction in the opening paragraph. Using comic book panels to tell a story is an example of video games struggling to find their own "grammar" in story-telling but using Hollywood methods isn't? Uhhh okay.

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