APB Reloaded admin lets hacking victim decide hacker’s fate

Massively multiplayer game APB Reloaded entails a city rife with crime, renegade cops, and a seedy underworld spilling onto the streets in a hail of bullets and bling. Now, virtual vigilante justice hops the line into reality, thanks to some clever snooping by an admin.

Player “BlackJackieChan” — someone else apparently staked “BlackieChan” — reported his hacked account in a post on ABPR’s official forums. After the inevitably subsequent public tirade against publisher GamersFirst, admin “Barnarner” ran defense, calling the forum flame-war “laughable” in the face of GamersFirst’s account safety efforts thus far.

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SybaRat2250d ago

Vigilante justice in a game about vigilante justice! WIN!

mynameisEvil2250d ago

Haha, this is great. GamersFirst may suck as a company, but APB's admin here certainly has a nice idea of justice.

Personally, I'd take every one of beef's character's things, clothes included, then force him to make the most sincere apology on the internet... then I'd ban him.

Spydiggity2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

why do they suck as a company? apb was a pretty ambitious project. just because it didn't succeed doesn't mean the suck. i never played it, but i know a lotta ppl who do now that it's F2P.

Given an opportunity to make an APB 2, i bet they could deliver a great game.

though i'd rather see it set in the max payne universe ;)

Ducky2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

APB was made by Realtime Worlds.
It was purchased by another company who then turned it into an F2P game.

mynameisEvil2250d ago

Why do they suck? Because they resurrect dead games, them kill them again by gradually shoving P2P into the face of F2Players, even if the people who aren't subscribed have bought things in their marketplace.

Fallen Earth, a game they resurrected, just became empty yesterday after the 2.4 patch. You should see how barren it is. :(

Spydiggity2250d ago

you're right, my mistake. i was just looking at the website and thought it seemed a bit odd that they suddenly have several other MMOs.

yeah, i don't know anything about gamersfirst aside from what i just saw briefly. but to me, that seems like a good company (maybe not great), at least they are trying to keep these games alive. it's commendable.

i will say though, based on what evil is say about forcing p2p on people, that is pretty lame. sounds like they need to tweak their business model.

SeekDev2250d ago

Oh, how I dislike the mischievous actions of these hackers.

I almost imagined this playing out like Oceans Eleven, in the way that the hacker made off with his hacked goods.