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GNT: Motion controls in our favourite games? Get used to it!

With the announcement of the latest FIFA 13 features this week, many were looking forward to the next instalment of a franchise which provides glory, hard-work and great co-op gameplay. Towards the end of the list of new features however, fans of the series would have looked twice to believe that FIFA 13 will be compatible with both the Xbox 360’s Kinect and Playstation’s Move functions. “Why would they include this?” (FIFA 13, Kinect, PS3, Tag Invalid, Xbox 360)

edonus  +   1067d ago
The answer is yes and no.

Motion controls are still in an infant stage. So they are going to need to piggy back on familiar games and ideas so that they can get enough people to play them to see what works and what doesnt. So at first... yes, motion controls will be optional or have their own little sections.

Then once motion control is solidified and the devs know what people want like and expect in controls schemes they will a model to follow. Its just like with todays controllers, I remember when I use to play Madden when the dualshock first came out I still used the dpad and not the analog stick and now I would feel stupid if I did. Remeber when you played game and the attack button was one of the face buttons and in race games you used a face button to accelerate and break nowadays all major actions are regularly done with the triggers.

Its all about design and once motion controls are more common they will create there own genres and sub genres.
forcefullpower  +   1067d ago
Actually i can understand move as its like the wii controller and works quite well in Fifa games. Kinect i can only see being used for goal kicks as not really sure how it would work.
from the beach  +   1067d ago
By all accounts they did a great job with the most recent Tiger Woods without affecting the enjoyment of people who don't want to use motion controls so why not this game?

Kinect can contribute a lot to a lot of a genres - you have obvious ones FPS, fighting, RTS, sports, dance - but also menu navigation, voice functions and other stuff that could work in almost any game.
Hicken  +   1066d ago
If it doesn't detract from the core gameplay, it's sorta acceptable. I say "sorta" because it could have zero negative impact on the core gameplay, but not really be of much use. In cases like that, it's pretty much a gimmick, and I'd rather the developer have spent that time working on something else.

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