What Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo Must Show to "Win" E3 2012 - Unscripted Access Episode #8

"The Gamer Access discusses who they feel will end up on top at E3 2012, Diablo III hitting a pothole at launch, why the delay of Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite is a good thing, and more gaming news and nonsense that listeners have come to expect with Unscripted Access."

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Yi-Long2253d ago

... instead of gimmicks and apps.

Afterlife2253d ago

At Sony and likely Nintendo's conference. I can't say the same for Microsoft because Michael Pacter said their focus is services for Xbox live.

smashcrashbash2253d ago

Not sure why you got a disagree. That is exactly what they said.

Lucretia2252d ago

xbox live? I wanna play games!!!! whats the point of live if it has no games and is just a service?

i can just flip the switch on my tv and have my tv show my PC if i need any of those crappy services

i think MS forgot its a gaming console and is just focusing on what makes them the most money......charging people for something thats free everywhere else, (FB, Twitter, Online gaming, Youtube, Browser, Sports etc)

-_- i just wanna turn on my 360 this year for more than just halo 4

tokugawa2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

could the author please tell me what prize they will "win" at e3??? im dying to know what is up for grabs??

anyway, i am dying to see halo 4 and dust 514 footage. plus crysis 3, gta 5 and just a general look at games on all the systems...

EVILDEAD3602252d ago

@ Lucretia

'xbox live? I wanna play games!!!! whats the point of live if it has no games and is just a service'

So please enlighten us what other system has sooo many more games than thse that are on Xbox Live right now?

What are you playing anywhere else right now that would make someone come close to pretending that Live has no games on it to play.


Lord_Sloth2252d ago

My god! People listen to that moron!?

SilentNegotiator2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

I can't wait to see what typically free services they're preparing to charge us for in 2012 and beyond! Plus a few minutes of COD/Halo footage and an hour of Kinect! Go Microsoft!

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MariaHelFutura2253d ago

Apparently people don't want games, they want gimmicks and apps.....

LOGICWINS2252d ago

Some do, some don't. Thats life. Not everyone uses the same equipment for the same reasons. Much like how people who wanted a Blu-Ray player in 2006 sprung for a PS3 because at the time it was the cheapest one available.

Minato-Namikaze2252d ago

Logic, but those people aren't watching E3.

BabyTownFrolics2252d ago

why is it I have no shortage of games to play on my 360, in fact at the moment I have too many games. I'm trying to get through witcher 2, max payne 3, trials hd, while playing multiplayer games with friends like gears 3, BF3, and then throw in some some saints row 3 and iron brigade co-op. Before anyone starts moaning about exclusives let me just state that is a different argument. There are plenty of games to play on the 360.

MariaHelFutura2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )


I didn't say anything about the 360. But... When I said "gimmicks and apps" you obviously thought of the 360.

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Patriots_Pride2252d ago

Sony need to show the PS4
MS need to show the 72O
Nintendo need to show Zelda: A Link to The Past Wii U

But thats wishful thinking and this is E3 2012
Sony VITA games
MS Kinect games
Nintendo Wii U Call of Duty

TekoIie2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Lots of stealthy MS bashing.... -_- well played trolls -_-

xAlmostPro2251d ago

It's not stealthy or trolling.

You don't have to be either of them to know or see that the two previous E3's from Microsoft were complete rubbish. ANY gamer can see that no matter the console preference, some may take pride in pointing it out because they're against the console. However facts don't change.

Both of the last ones for microsoft had a lack of new IP's/exclusives. Every year it's "Halo this Halo that" one year had forza/gears also. The rest was shiny poncho's and kinect/XBL apps.

The two previous E3's (factually speaking) for Sony have both been good. One was just exclusive after exclusive and a bit of wasted time on the Move(depending on your own view of that device of course) the next was more exclusives and the vita announcement.

Nintendo is almost always the same, except in the last two e3's they've obviously had the wii-u and 3ds announcements at both, which of course build hype/make a great show. Game wise it's near enough the same every e3.. new mario, new zelda. However that's always been a nintendo thing and one of the reasons people follow that franchise/platform.

Now that's briefly the two previous E3's for all platforms(excluding PC, which is my main before i'm also a troll).

It's pretty clear which had the least exciting E3's, without being stealthy. As you put it. In fact it seems like you're hurt by others opinions and dislike 'facts'. We all have our views and preferences bro but there's no point denying what's happend.

That's like denying the PS3 had a lack of games at launch or saying the psn hack wasn't that bad(it was)but it happened so get on with it.

Anyway, rant over

tl;dr: People with factual opinions aren't trolls.

EVILDEAD3602251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

@ Almostpro

'It's not stealthy or trolling'

The guy wrote that there was lots of stealthy MS bashing and well played trolls. Are you pretending that none of it exists because you went on what you call a 'rant'.

You say people with factual opinions arrent trolls, but that had nothing to do with what he wrote.

Heck, just look at what you wrote..

Both of the last ones for microsoft had a lack of new IP's/exclusives. Every year it's "Halo this Halo that" one year had forza/gears also. The rest was shiny poncho's and kinect/XBL apps.

Let's break it down

You say Micrsoft had a lack of new Ips/exclusives. This is simply YOUR opinion and not fact.

Fact: Micrsoft promoted every major exclusive it was releasing that holiday and leading up to the next E3.

You claim that they lacked new IPs, but please show us ALL of those new Ips on the PS3 or the Nintendo stage last year or the year before that eclipsed the amount that Micrsoft showed.

You then downplay microsft showing off it's most important franchise as 'every year it's Halo this and Halo that' This could easily be seen as a stealth jab at a franchise that you may be biased against. The FACT is Halo is the biggest hardcore franchise in the Xbox existance.

Microsoft showed of it's biggest exclusive if the year in 'Halo Reach' one year and then showed off the HD upgrade 'Halo Anniversay' and showed a video last year of the first true Halo continuance of the franchise in Halo 4. Made sense to all those millions and millions of Halo fans.

I mean you claim that you have facts, but you throw out the 'poncho' stuff like it's a jab. But the FACT were that whole Circus spectacle/Poncho stuff came PRIOR to E3 as a Kinect . Not one poncho made ANY E3 presentation.

But here is where I see the typical hypocrisy with your 'rant' as well as many others.

Micraoft literally does exactly what Sony and Nintento does year in and year out but MS is the only one who gets bashed for it.

Again your clearly taking a knock at MS for showing multiple Halo games and it's other prominant exclusives.

But when you bring up how Nintendo shows the same games every E3..look at how you spin it.

'Game wise it's near enough the same every e3.. new mario, new zelda. However that's always been a nintendo thing and one of the reasons people follow that franchise/platform.'

So wait, it's a 'Nintendo thing' to show off it's top franchises that are reasons for it's core base to follow the platform?

This where your dead wrong. It's not simply a Nintendo thing. Sony shows off it's big franchise like Uncharted, God of War and Gran Turismo. Nintendo shows off Mario and Zelda and Micrsoft shows off Halo and Gears.

Look, I completely get when people like one presentation over the other. But, it doesnt mean that people present actual 'facts' when they make their case.

Nope 'Pekolie' got it right..but it doesnt make anyone's opinion wrong.

Just playing Evil's advocate


Hicken2251d ago

How MANY major exclusives was that, Evil?

Nintendo and Sony showed off a lot of stuff at their past few E3 conferences. More to the point, they showed off stuff that would appeal to the sort of people who WATCH- and who also grade- E3.

It might be the same old Mario, but each game is new in its execution; the same goes for Zelda. Kirby and the others change it up from game to game, as well.

Sony keeps pumping out new IPs, promising new experiences for its consumers. And its sequels are varied enough to appeal to virtually any core gamer.

Microsoft brings a better Halo, a better Gears(for how much longer) a better Forza, and a better(?) Fable. And secured rights for PC games, and timed DLC.

It honestly does not take a fanboy to see that Microsoft has been/is lacking in providing for the core. But it DOES take a fanboy to think that those who DO see it are, themselves, fanboys.

morkendo232252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

WHY do every fu'king game need to be HARDCORE??? SNES games was not all HARD CORE, neither was ps1,ps2. looking forward to E3 not for hardcore but for VARIETY!!!!!! as in SNES,PS1,PS2 era gaming.
I might have 1 bubble but going to utilize it to its FULLEST!!!!

EVILDEAD3602252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

wrong place

Nimblest-Assassin2252d ago

My list for all of them


-Show the games people want to see (ex: TLOU, GOW:A)
-Announce the release dates of titles like FFvs13 and The last Gaurdian because people have been waiting for these for a long time
-Show more vita titles
-Drop the price of the vita, but compensate early adopters


-Prove the wiiU is not a catch up
-Make gamers want it
-Have a promising amount of NEW launch titles, not games that PS3/360 and Pc owners already played


- Add new titles for your owners to enjoy

EVILDEAD3602252d ago

- Add new titles for your owners to enjoy'

Translation..Kinect HATERS hate Kinect presentations.

Nintendo gets no flack for supporting Wii and 3DS and Wii-U

Sony gets no flack for supporting PS3, Vita, and Move

But Micrsoft gets flack for simply supporting Xbox 360 and Kinect?

IMO it comes off as hypocrisy and makes little sense.

But let's look at the results of the last few years of Micrsoft supporting Kinect on the E3 stage.

E3 2010: Circus + E3 Kinect presentation = Kinect sales broke into guiness book of world records.

E3 2011: E3 Kinect presentation = Black Friday..kinect sold one million standalone units in 24 hours.

The fact is from the day Kinect has been shown Xbox 360 sales have seen it'd best numbers the entire generation.

So basically Micrsoft should get the hint that internet detractors mean absolutely nothing to the 360 install Kinect on the E3 stage and Kinect will continue to be successful.


Nimblest-Assassin2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )


If the kinect can support the core gamer, and show cool and unique ways for gamers to interact with their favorite games Im cool with it..

Im talking about those lame ass Disney Kinect, Kinect football, Kinect Adventure... stuff that makes gamers cringe


If you want to really make gamers serious about kinect, you need to do it more seriously... those sales you got on black friday and all that are similar to the wii. It got the casual market interested... but soon is quickly forgotten.

Kinect seems more based to casual, and their demos are just painful to watch FISTBUMP!

If they keep and add multimedia functionality, and still show that they can support the core games in a unique and interesting way like with Ghost Recon, Skyrim and ME3, then yes it would fall under the wiiU giving gamers cool new ways to play core games. Im fine with kinect... but what I see just annoys me

Sorry I wasn't clear. FISTBUMP!

EDIT: The reason Sony and Nintendo do not get flak is because they know how to allocate time and keep the audience interested. I think Sony got the hint, by reducing the ammount of move pushing in their conference... and Nintendo is trying to show what their new console can do. I mean the 360 isn't dead, they just need to find the right balance of promoting kinect and their console

EVILDEAD3602252d ago

'If you want to really make gamers serious about kinect, you need to do it more seriously... those sales you got on black friday and all that are similar to the wii. It got the casual market interested... but soon is quickly forgotten. '

LOL..listen to yourself try to dismiss the success of Kinect so it fits into your small view of the device.

I said 1 million STAND-ALONE Kinects were sold in 24 hours. That means EXISTING 360 owners bought Kinect. That means hardcore as well as casual bought Kinect.

But, the funny part is your pretending that the millions who bought Kinect just forgot about it as soon as they bought it.

Look man I get YOUR dislike for Kinect as that is YOUR preference. But, like I said kinect haters don't want Kinect presentations period.

Kinect isn't for everyone, but there is an audience in the millions that Kinect is for and Micrsoft would be idiots not to support Kinect to the fullest at E3.

The funny part is people literally dismiss everything that Micrsoft shows onstage and pretends the Kinect presentation was 90% of the show. The fact is it wasnt.

You may pretend that people forgot about Kinect but look at some of those titles shown on the E3 stage.

Kinect Sports 2 and Dance central 2 are both over 1.5 million

Kinect Star Wars was the #1 selling game in the US..

Kinect will be used in Ghost Recon and has been in Mass Effect 3,..recently Elder Scrolls, and next weeks Ghost Recon.

We all know how cheesy these presentations are but showing off your product is 150% better than leaving it off the E3 stage.

For the core..This year Kinect has Steel Batallion and Fable leading the way.

As for the masses it wont suprise me if Kinect Sports: Summer Olympics and a new Dance Central arrives.

Not for you..may not be for the majority of 360 gamers..but there is an audience and that's what matters at the end of the day.

If Kinect was ALL that was shown at E3 then everyone would have a point.

But, the hardcore 360 gamers always got Halo Reach, Gears of War 3, Forza 4, Call of Duty etc.placed in the forefront of the show..and at
end of the day that what truly matters.


TekoIie2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

I like kinect :( makes using apps and some games much more enjoyable!

But yeh if they have anything like the Disney stuff that's cringe worthy then they've dropped the ball again.

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Thatguyinthesuit2252d ago

Honestly the only thing I want to see in E3 is a genuine surprise. I mean you don't get those in E3 anymore since things tend to leak early.

NastyLeftHook02252d ago

I don't always watch e3, but when i do... i prefer sonys.

Stay hardcore my friends.

tokugawa2252d ago

as if you would say anything else..

2252d ago
AngelicIceDiamond2252d ago

MS really needs to bring games hardcore games to the show. I know they opened up studios last year or so Im just hoping its not all about kinect. At this point Im Kinect out, Kinect tired, "not kinected".

Lucretia2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

that will never happen lol.

MS may aswell call the 360 the Kinect 360.

besides halo, forza, gears and fable they have nothing original anymore besides a few ok arcade games

Jazz41082252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Since people vote with there wallets all I can say is n4g is in the minority as microsoft is in the black and sony is headng for bankruptcy. Think about that for a second and its not just other depts. as the ps3s division lost them millions as well. So again I'm glad you have fun bashing MS on here but in the real world its sony who's taking the bashing right to chapter 11. .......People can make excuses all they want and if this was a one time occurence I would not write this but Sony has lost multibillions over the past 5 years consectively and that's more then a trend as you are seeing an entire restructuring of Sony. I wish them luck as I do Ms as I do believe competition is good and as gamers we should support another and not hate on each other as there is always two sides to a situation but I wanted to make a point that its not MS who the consumers are not supporting as they are doing fine. Its Sony who is falling apart right before our eyes.

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